Chapter XIII- Collapse of the Temple

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The unidentifiable feeling of the Force remain as they searched around the dark room. Broken stone and debris was everywhere and made the situation even more creepy, though the cold, evil Dark Side presence wasn't clouding the air, so that was a relief for Anakin.

Suddenly, a strong ripple from the Force (still neither Light Side or Dark) sent a danger warning. It was sharp, immediate and almost frightening.

"Wait!" Anakin shouted, attempting to tell his friends about the near dangerous threat. He didn't know what it was, yet the Force told him it was minacious.

Ahsoka and Obi-Wan abruptly stopped whatever they were doing. The panic and urgency in Anakin's voice told all. Something horrible was going to happen, and he was the only one that knew.

With out warning, the tall, stone roof of the temple started to cave in on itself. Debris was falling at alarmingly fast rates, and just missing the Jedi as well. The rumbling noise startled them all, before the collapse of the temple had truly begun.

"Run!" Yelled Obi-Wan as the rocks came crashing down, breaking the ground. Obi-Wan launched right out of the way, before a huge chunk of debris crashed over in the exact spot he was once standing in. Anakin and Ahsoka were left on the other side of the massive bolder. The ground shook beneath their feet. It made a ear-ringing sound as the surface they were standing on started to collapse as well

Ahsoka let out a shriek, as she began to fall backwards from the bolder that had broken through the ground, revealing hollow space below her. It seemed like there were more layers to the temple, especially underground ones.

"Ahsoka!" Anakin cried as she disappeared from view, falling deeper into the planet's underground core. The dust from the rocks and stone were covering the air with a thick smoke, making Anakin cough as he desperately called for her. Anakin could sense all her terror, just as vibrantly as if it was his own... Maybe it was.

The rocks kept falling, and Anakin made the decision to go after Ahsoka. He wasn't thinking about his own safety and did something Obi-Wan would call 'reckless', but reckless or not, he still jumped into the underground part of the temple anyway.

As he did, the collapse of the temple stopped. The stone stopped breaking and the rocks stopped falling from above. The air cleared mildly, and the danger sense from the Force was gone.

Anakin didn't have time to take relief in the situation because, somewhere here- somewhere among the demolished stone and jagged rocks was his Padawan.

"Ahsoka!" Anakin said aloud, loud enough for the young Togruta to here even if she was buried deep in the rubble. Anakin knew she was alive- he felt it. She wasn't feeling much fear—unlike when she fell—but she was feeling concerned, shock, startled and.... sorrow.

"I'm here, Master!" Ahsoka called back through the darkness. She coughed slightly.

"Are you alright?" Anakin said, running over to her. He couldn't see her because it was basically pitch black, so he was following the trail of her Force-signature; one that seemed to be shining brighter ever since they were captured. Anakin didn't know if it was because of his enhance Force-abilities and strength or because Ahsoka wasn't putting up mental shields.

Is it even possible to put up mental shields if you can't use the Force? Anakin asked himself.

"Yeah, I'm not hurt." Ahsoka replied, though she said it with a hint of glumness. Anakin noticed but didn't say anything.

Anakin heard, more than watched, as the debris shuffled. From the darkness, emerged, revealing her orange skin was covered by dust and dirt. She brushed herself off, but the grimy partials still remained.

Ahsoka let out an irritated sigh. "Well this is great." She mumbled.

Anakin couldn't help but reply a snippy remark "Snips, a Jedi must not be sarcastic." He teased. The attempt of humour made Ahsoka roll her blue eyes then conduct a look of gloominess on her features. Anakin couldn't help but notice the slight change in her Force-signature as well. It was now gleaming sorrowfully.

"How do we get back to Obi-Wan?" Ahsoka asked.

Anakin looked around. he searched for an opening at the top that they could climb out of and get back up to the main level with, but it was too dark and no light was seen. The underground area of the temple as much different from the previous are that they were in. From all the rumble, the dark place look destroyed, though something about the area told Anakin that the place was already destroyed before him and his Padawan ended up in it.

"I don't know. I'll try and locate a way for us to get out." Anakin said, tuning into the Force- the same kind of Force that was unidentifiable. He was using it in a way to guide him for where to go next. He completely trusted the Force and his instincts. Anakin started to follow the Force. His eyes were closed, but he could see everything around him- including Ahsoka following him.

Only a few moments into his concentrated state, Anakin felt something beneath his feet that was neither ground, rock or other debris. The Force trail ended here, though it wasn't a pathway for them to escape the underground level of the temple, nor was it a way to Obi-Wan.

Since the Force trail was gone, Anakin opened his eyes. Ahsoka was only a few paces behind him but she saw the objects as well. An intrigued looked shown on her face.

There, lying across the ground were a collection of lightsaber. Each one was unique and different, though one stood out among the rest. It was gold, with an un-curved hilt. Anakin believed it was an ancient design, hence the delicate carvings embedded on the sabre. Beautiful line-like patterns were drawn across the rim. Along with other patterns, the words 'arch'auli' were written. Neither Jedi knew what language it was, so they couldn't make out what it read. But, unknown to them, the writing said 'The Chosen One'.



Anakin and Ahsoka have been separated from Obi-Wan. They are now in the underground part of the temple. From the Force's guidance, Anakin has found not Obi-Wan, but several lightsabers and one of the, says 'The Chosen One' in a unknown language. How will they get back to Obi-Wan? What will happen with the lightsabers? Why is Ahsoka acting partly gloomy?

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Also 'arch'auli' mean 'Chosen One' in Georgian. Got it off Google translate. Thought it sounded nice. Don't judge.

QOTD: "Escape now. Hug later." - Han Solo | Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens

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