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                              **BOOK 2 IN THE WATTPAD FEATURED RETURN SERIES.**

"Those who have knowledge, don't predict. Those who predict, don't have knowledge."

-Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist Philosopher (600-531 BC)


Knowledge can be a torturous thing, a demon that dances on your brain poking at you with thoughts and ideas that you might not be ready to grasp. Knowing things before you're able to speak them, having memories in your head that don't make sense, and worse, remembering them all clearly, can lead you down a path to destruction before you've even opened your mouth. But, when you're born with that knowledge, how do you explain it, especially when you can't make sense of it yourself?

As a baby every detail of the past played out in my head, like a story lulling me to sleep at night and waking me in terror as the dark memories pushed their way into my consciousness. As a child, I toyed with these stories, creating fictionalized endings about my imaginary friends and weaving their tales into my play. When I started speaking these things out loud though, like they were facts, that's when I should have realized how dangerous knowledge can be.

Knowing about your past life doesn't always predict the future of your present one. Speaking about what I knew taught me that lesson in a very cruel way. It's led me here, to a place where I now have no knowledge of what's to come and cling to those memories which still haunt me. Spilling my secret has led me down a detour, a more dangerous path then the one that fate had already laid out for me.

Here, in the dark room, dripping with sweat, I know my pain will be ending soon. Fate has been tested and she's playing her hand. The fever rips through my small body and forces me to scream out his name.


The only answers are the moans and wails from the other patients around me who have no knowledge at all. Strangers, who themselves are being poked at by their own demons. I try to comfort myself in a blanket of warm memories, holding off the chill, ready for it all to end and already mourning what I will never know in this life.


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