I cant hear you... But I wish I could (boyxboy)

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Owens p.o.v

The teacher pointed to me. 'What is the answer Owen?'

I looked to up, at the board, I can do that. I thought to myself. I got up from my seat and shuffled to the white board and wrote down my answer, hoping it was right, I stood there awkwardly in the front of the class, waiting to see if it was indeed correct or not.

'Good job' he finally wrote on the board, dismissing me to my seat.

I walked back to my desk head down-hair covering my brown eyes, looking up every now and then. I hated attention on me.

Nearly tripping over a foot that stuck out in the middle of my path I stumbled forward then caught my balance, glancing back to see Sean. [pronounced like the name Shawn] Smirking at me and mouthed the word 'faggot' causing me to look back down and quickly sit in my seat ignoring erasers and littlepieces papers being thrown my way.

I slowly packed my books, watching all the students walking out of the classroom and flooding the busy halls while new ones piled in. Signaling that class had ended.

From the corner of my eye a black figure was standing to the side of the desk, I looked up and there was a guy; dark brown hair that is just above his neck, that is straight flaring in, and covers only some of his dark brown eyes. His pink lips was moving so Im guessing he was talking to me?

Glancing around the room, yes he wast talking to me! I wonder what he sounds like.

Nobody talked to me, because some know Im deaf and others just dont even give me the time of day to even look at me. Hey! I was excited so sue me.

Oh God probably in his seat--stupid Owen, cant even think properly. I got up out of the desk I was currently in. With books clutched to my chest I ran to my next class, greeeeeat I was probably going to get beat up today.

Oh yes, your probably wondering who I am right? In that case I am Owen Randy; Son of Abigail Randy and Gregory Micheal. Same plain brown hair as my dead beat, dad and big brown eyes that runs through my moms side of the family. Im 15-and a half years old and bullied for being 'different' and one more thing. I cant hear you.


I closed my blue locker door with my brown lunch bag in my hand. I was headed outside. Were I usually go for lunch, to sit under a tree in the school field alone... Nothing new.

I was just about to start walking when I was pushed up against the locker, my side hitting the hard metal, as my eyes focused on who was in front of me, I wanted to scream. Sean. Good God.

'Hey Faggot' I read his lips a smirk plasterd onto his face. I shook my head, as he grabbed my arms and started to struggle only to get lifted off the lockers to get slammed back down harder.

I yelped--I think--in pain.

Two other guys came from behind him, laughing. One grabbed my lunch bag and the other put his hand in my pocket looking for my wallet, when he fished it out, he took the twenty dollar bill and threw my empty wallet at my chest. I put my hands out trying to catch it but failed when I realized Sean still had me by the collar of my coat up against my locker. I closed my eyes shut waiting for the blow, and there it was, Suddenly feeling breathless I clutched my hand to my stomach, knees weakening and falling to the dirty tiled floor.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, it hurt that I know every day, when I come to school, they'll always come and make me feel like crap, taking my lunch and stealing my money, I wanted to just burst out in tears.

I looked up through my bangs, feeling a presence near me and there that guy was again and no sign of Sean, but now I only noticed what he was wearing a plaid blue button up shirt, and a pair of gray skinnies with high top shoes. What does he want? He took his hand back and placed it in front of me, I looked at it, and cautiously took it and he helped me up. I smiled a little.

"Hi" I read off his mouth, as he waved.

I looked down the hall way, and the other way and they were gone. I have no lunch now, great. I hope they choke on my food. I scowled at nothing in particular. Then went down to pick up my black leather wallet at there was pain in my abdomen and I gasped straightening back up. I get hurt easily, dont judge.

Whoever the guy was bent down and picked it up for me. I slowly took it from his hand and put it back in my pocket. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to look at him, hes still here? Maybe hes not so bad like everybody else and actually wants to be my friend. His mouth started to move. I held my hand up signaling that he could stop, tugging on my ear. Trying to signal that Im deaf.

His face scrunched in confusion, tugging at my ear again and mouthing the word 'deaf' the best I could. He made the letter 'O' with his mouth and held back a chuckle while his cheeks heated up.

I glared at him, turned around and started to run to the double doors leading outside. Laugh at me all you want! I actually thought he was going to be nice, different, not like all the other arrogant bastards in this school that watch you get bullied and do nothing.

I may be like 5 feet--and cute, cant forget about that--but I can put up a fight, excluding the one earlier.

Fighting the urge to turn around, I just went outside like I planned, found a unused tree and sat down under it. Screw him! I screamed in my head, I could handle Sean, but some kid that doesnt know me and he has the balls to laugh at me, not saying Sean knows me either but hes a bully. You get the picture.

I close my eyes, letting the sun rays hit my face, maybe I can get tanner. Ha. Just kidding, I am sitting in the shade.

When I closed my eyes I saw 'the guy' again. His smile lighting up his eyes, his hair looking so soft, and his plaid blue shirt and skinnies fitting him so perfectly.


Picture - Owen


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