Chapter 2

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Percy ended up coming back, to Bruce's surprise. It was about two weeks later when she appeared. Bruce had been sitting in his father's study, gazing out the window and that's when he saw her. Her smile was bright and she was walking towards the Manor with a spring in her step. His eyes widened and he ran to the front door. He pulled it open before she even had the chance to ring the bell and smiled at her.

"You came back!" he exclaimed happily.

"Yeah..." Percy replied scratching the back of her neck, smiling sheepishly. Suddenly she straightened. "Can we play hide and seek?"

Bruce looked confused. "How do you play with only two people?"

Percy grinned. "I'll show you." With that, she dragged a confused but smiling Bruce into his own house.

They bumped into Alfred on the way to the living room, who had been making cookies.

"Master Bruce, and oh Miss Percy! What a lovely surprise. Would you both like a cookie?"

Bruce immediately took one, knowing how good Alfred's cooking was and Percy followed.

Her eyes widened as she bit into it.

"This is almost as good as my mom's!" she gasped, taking another one, "But they would taste much better if they were blue."

"Blue?" Bruce asked her.


"Hey, instead of playing hide and seek which is fun, do you wanna make cookies? My special blue kind, I mean," she asked excitedly.

Bruce, wanting to try this new recipe, grinned at her and pulled her to the kitchen.

They got all of the ingredients ready and set them out on the table.

"Can we start now?" Bruce asked her.

"No, silly, we forgot the most important ingredient," Percy said and pulled out blue food coloring from her pocket.

Bruce looked at her strangely. "Do you carry that with you everywhere?"

"Of course," Percy said seriously.

The two of them laughed and talked with each other while mixing the ingredients. Needless to say, they created a giant mess. When the cookies were finally in the oven, Percy collapsed onto a chair.

"I'm curious," Bruce started, "Why are the cookies supposed to be blue?"

Percy's eyes turned wistful and she gazed ahead. "My mom had this inside joke with me. My stepdad said that food couldn't be blue, so to prove him wrong, she went out of her way to eat blue food. She taught me the cookie recipe."

Bruce immediately picked up on the past tense she used to describe her mom and suddenly knew how she felt.

"When?" he asked, and Percy immediately knew what he meant.

"When I was 5," she sighed, "It got easier over time, but you can't ever fully recover."

Bruce hesitated before speaking. "My parents died about a year ago. It doesn't seem to get any easier."

Percy looked at him with a new light. "It does," she said firmly, "You just have to find the right person to be there for you." She was looking straight at him now.

Bruce's first thought was of Alfred. But while the butler cared for him, it wasn't really the same as his parents. But then he thought of Percy. He had smiled and laughed more int he two days he spent with her than in the last year.

Suddenly, the oven dinged. Percy rushed over to it and pulled out the cookies. She and Bruce blew over them for a few seconds so they cooled. The Bruce picked one up and put it in his mouth while Percy watched. She saw his eyes widen and then close in pleasure.

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