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The day is finally here.

I bounced up and down excitedly as I glanced at the clock for the millionth time in the last five minutes. Jake was due to be here at exactly half past eleven to take me home. All my belongings were packed and I was as ecstatic as a gorilla on crack.

The door opened and I jumped up with my bag flung over one arm, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

"You're keen" Jake chuckled, taking the bag off me and swinging it over his own shoulder.

"Thank you and yes I'm very keen, I can't wait to get out of here!" I grinned, looking around at the room I had called home for the past month.

"Funnily enough, I'm not going to miss this room one bit" Jake said and I nodded, agreeing with him.

"M'lady... Your carriage awaits" Jake turned towards me, holding out his other arm for me to take.

"Well, my car awaits but we can pretend it's a carriage," he added, a cute little smirk on his face.

I giggled at him and gladly tucked my hand into the crook of his arm. We both turned to take one last look at the room before we'd leave it forever. It was closing one massive chapter in my life and hopefully opening a positive one. A chapter full of happiness and good memories instead of pain and heartache. I knew struggles lay ahead of me, drama had a way of chasing me and Jake both, biting us at every chance it got.

I wasn't fully recovered yet either, I was still weak and felt exhausted despite how much I slept. Doctor Green had advised me that each day, I would become stronger and stronger as long as I rest and take care of myself. I was looking forward to seeing my friends again, going back to college and living a normal teenage life with my handsome boyfriend.

And with that, I pulled him gently towards the direction of the door -

"Come on boyfriend, let's get out of here."


"I need a job," I groaned, scrolling through the advertisements on my phone. Jake raised his brow at me and plucked the phone out of my hands. I looked at him, my mouth open unattractively in shock.

"Give that back" I warned, narrowing my eyes at him playfully.

"Nope" he responded, popping the p.

"You're not getting a job anytime soon, you've just been shot, what part of take it easy suggests getting a job?" He asked, shaking his head at me. I huffed before leaning back onto his bed pillows before replying -

"I need to pay for myself Jake, we can't live on your money forever. Where do you even get your money?" I asked, intrigued at how he could even afford a pack of cookies.

Jake shrugged -- "Amil pays me."

"He pays you to do what?" I responded, knowing I probably wouldn't like the answer.

Jake quietened and his shoulders tensed before he turned back towards the TV, pretending to be interested in some crappy daytime show.

"It doesn't matter, I make plenty for both of us." Jake said quietly. I sighed at his answer -

"Jake, I love you. I know you don't like talking about the gang but when you go missing for hours on end, I need to have some sort of reassurance that I won't get a phone call saying you've been shot..." I drifted off, feeling uneasy.

He turned towards me, his words blunt.

"You don't need to worry about me, I can handle myself."

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