Chapter 4: "Stalker?"

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"And finally, we just put this part here and it's.. done?" Nagisa said as he finished.

The three of us looked at it proudly.

"F-Finally! ~ N-Now we just have to wait for Monday so we can demonstrate it to the class!" I threw my hands up to the air in an excited fashion.

"But we'd need a vehicle to do that.. maybe we should ask Yoshida if we could borrow a motorbike."

I nodded still so cheerfully and thought if I should give them snacks or some sort. We finished after all, so we'd need a break.

"N-Nagisa-kun and Karma-kun, since it's break time, do you want to go inside?.. I-It's getting hotter out here in the backyard." "Eh,~ what about going to Arisawa's bedroom?" Karma put on that usual sarcastic face of his. My eyes slightly widened. "H-Huh? M-My bedroom?..!"

"Yeah, I'd like to see your bedroom too, Arisawa-san." Nagisa added. I sighed. Geez, this couldn't get any worse. "A-Alright. I'll show you the way there! N-Now let's carry our project indoors.~" I spoke.

As they carried the cooling box and the other materials inside, I waved at them, gesturing them to follow me. I lead them to my bedroom. Unlocking the door, and--

Utter shock.


I hurriedly threw them to the floor and kicked them to under my bed before any of the boys came in. Gawd no. Okay, so apparently this could get any worse. Hopefully they won't find the documents there. Well of course they wouldn't! Not like they're gonna look under the bed. They ain't the cops.

I've cleaned the house, and made sure all documents are locked in my drawers.. but how did I miss that one pile of documents--? Was I reading it before my groupmates came? I don't know either. I've expected them to go to my bedroom, so I've cleaned up everything here too, but I guess I missed. Could've locked it into the nearest drawer, but I'd have to find the drawer key for that and they would've seen me hide something.

[Karma's POV.]

So she lead me and Nagisa-kun to her bedroom. She's the shy girly type though.. I can imagine her bedroom. Probably girly just like her personality. Oh, how there are so many "normal" girls, and as in normal, I mean they have girly stuff. But I would like to have a little bed comfort so it doesn't matter how the bedroom looks like, I just need to get in one.

"E-Err, w-welcome to my bedroom!" she cheered, hands extended. I looked around. Eh..~ not as girly as I thought. It has a nice light (fav-color) color on the walls and ceilings. A couple of wooden desks leaning on corners. The bed's not so wide, which is normal, seeing how she lives alone.

Now that I think about it again.. Arisawa's childish. Yet I didn't think that she would be independent enough to live alone. On top of that, the place's clean too. Seriously, it's opposite of how she acts..

"P-Please sit down. A-Also, you two can look around but please don't open the lockers and drawers,~ I will go downstairs for a while to make drinks," she left the room with a smile.. a slightly fake smile. I shrugged and looked at Nagisa who is observing her desk. "Yo Nagisa, anything interesting up there?" I asked. I was lying down on her futon.

"Well, there are several sketchbooks and regular schoolbooks. She said she didn't study at school for first and third year, didn't she? Probably these are the stuff she reads at home, as a replacement." Nagisa commented while handing me one of them.

I flipped the pages boredly. "Eh, you're right. But there are no exercise questions in this textbook." I sighed. "What about the sketchbooks?"

He opened one of the pages and showed it to me. "She's quite good at drawing. Though all she draws are girls.." I looked at Nagisa after what he said. "Hey, you'd be perfect as a model for her drawing, won't you Nagisa-chan?~"

"Karma-kun!" Nagisa blushed. Haha, teasing is fun~

He then continued looking through the sketchbook pages. I smirked mischievously. I took two hairpins from a bedlamp table and snuck behind Nagisa, slowly clipping them on his bangs--

"Ahh-- Karma!!" he screeched dropping the book, probably surprised about my sudden presence behind him? "What?~" I smiled sarcastically. "I was just planning on puttuing these fancy hairpins on you~" I continued as I approached him again, accessories in hand, evilness in my face.

He crawled backwards obviously trying to avoid me;

"Ah- the book!"

his hand knocked the book backwards too.

To under the bed.

"I'm not done yet with the sketchbook--" Nagisa tried to reach for the book, but he couldn't, I guess. Under the bed is dark, and his hand is also short. XD

"Karma-kun, can you help me find it.."

"Oh?~ is Nagisa-kun trying to get the sketchbook back so Arisawa can draw you as a girl in it?~" I teased again. He sighed. "Come on, not that again!"

I chuckled and decided to just help him get the sketchbook. After all I want to see the contents too.

I leaned down to the gap under the bed. My hand reached out, looking for a bookcover-like texture. Then I felt something-- like a pile of papers or something? Eh? the sketchbook isn't that thick. After one or two minutes, I finally found the sketchbook and pulled it out, handing it to Nagisa. "Thanks." he simply thanked, then focused his attention to the book again.

Me, still being curious to what those pile of papers were, quietly dug my hand into the dark gap again. I pulled the topmost paper from the pile. And read the content.

Hayami Rinka, student number 19
12 July ****
158 cm / 5'2"
47 kg / 104 lbs
Physical strength - 3.5
Mobility - 4
Close-range assassination - 3.5
Long-range assassination - 5
Academic skills - 4
Sniping skills - 5

(random date), (day)
she managed to shoot the...

What the heck. Is she a stalker or something?

I slid the paper back to under the bed and stared at the wall. Something's suspicious.


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