Chapter 4: "Stalker?"

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Hai again :3 I'm finally getting my weekend after weeks of exams and it hasn't even ended, only a little break ;-; however I'm not wasting this opportunity to update. ^~^

random note: reader-chan/yukari is not a transfer student altho she says she is..

Here's the originally other half of Chapter 3. Enjoy!


~little flashback in class.~

"Isn't this a little too much for the likes of us!" Kayano half-screamed. Thank Kami-sama for making everyone occupied enough with their own stuffs-- occupied enough to not notice how loud Kayano was.

I looked at Nagisa. He noticed and instead turned to Karma.

"Karmaaa." he called out. Nagisa seems really tired today..

"Hm?" called person gave his attention to the rest of his group's members.

Me, Kayano, and Nagisa looked at each other hesitatingly before bluenette asked for a favor. "Karma-kun.. since you're the only one from a wealthy family in our group.. c-can you donate for the project fund?"

"Eh?~ Sure. How much?"

I looked over to the calculation paper, scrolling my vision down to the bottom of it, where the nominal of the needed money lies.

"I-It's 250.000 yen, Karma-kun!" I read the numbers out loud.

"Yukari-chan, you forgot to count it again!"

"H-Huh?.. it's the exact number written there though.. " I said, playing dumb. I have to.

Nagisa and Kayano palmfaced. "Did you forget?.. Koro-sensei gave each group 1000 yen as a starter-off. We three agreed on donating 2000 yen each, right? Means the amount of the money Karma has to donate for the project is only 243000 yen." Nagisa explained.

Karma chuckled. "That's a small amount of money~ I'll contact my parents and have them transfer me the cash. Tomorrow I'll bring it along with you guys' fund donations, then redistribute it based on the materials each member has to buy. How's that?~"

~flashback ends.~

...and he saved us from the project fund crisis! "T-Thanks again Karma-kun!" I spoke kindly. He just gave a bored halfhearted smile while looking at his work.

Indeed, that's quite a lot of money for such a project. But our project is obviously different from the others'! Me and Kayano had been reading magazines and newspapers, looking for inspiration and wonderful ideas, and we succeeded~

Why are we even doing this? Why won't we just resort to simple projects?

It's 'cause Koro-sensei told us that the group with the most magnificent presentation will be given a reward: one second of sensei staying still, starting by the command of the group. While that one second happens, the group is allowed to ambush him in any way.

And so, we came up with creating this cooling box.


And what the holy taco is extraordinary from that? It's just a cooling box, right? Anyone can make it if they have the materials--


This one is a new nature-friendly cooling box. :3

Utilising the simple reduce-reuse-recycle theme, and supported by an also simple chemistry theory.. we will create the better cooling box. (👍😂)

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