Not an Update. But, Hakuouki related

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Okay, I'll try to update this story later or tomorrow. But dammit, I felt that I'm blushing like a mad-man. If you want to know why, you better go to thise website of Hakuouki SSL.

(that's already on the character profile of the game. Just pic the one that has a flower beside, except for the last two flower. You can see 3 choices, Summer, Winter and Swimwear. The swimwear was just release just now and dammit. They looks so HOT)

It's just damn because, SOUJI HALF-NAKED. I mean, seriously. who won't go crazy when you saw your favorite anime character half-naked.

I still remember the Physical Exam of the Hakuouki SSL OVA that is a bonus on one of the Hakuouki DVD. I literally screamed when I saw Souji. I AM GOING CRAZY ~♥

I'm sorry about this fan-girling thing of me. I wasn't like this ever since I started liking K-pop last year. Well, that-s mostly it. I really am sorry.

*bows a million times

I just hope that you like the fan-service of the Hakuouki guys, hehe.

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