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"SoAlexis ..." Started Ji Min, but I stopped him. "Only Alex!Please ... "I smirked and let him keep talking. "Okay, SoAlex ... Please tell me something about yourself," he smiled."So ..." I started to tell on the way to the beach. "Myname is Alexis but you already know that," I grinned awkwardlyand sipped her coffee. "I'm 19 years old, I live in a smallhouse. Um ... I do not have any pets, but I would very much huskypuppy with pale blue eyes. I am starting a model, I love back anddance. Most of all I love taking photos and then giving photos oninstagram and tumblr. I like to write with foreigners and I quiteoften horny ... "I said. "You?" I looked at him,eyebrows and zvedlým uskrla coffee again. "So I Park Jimin, asI have said ... I am 20 years old. I have no girl love models. I likegoing to clubs to have fun and busy with various parties what othershold. I would not want to boast, but I am quite popular in the cityand on the beach. I've known dancer and also occasionally sing. Ilove surfing, music, photos and sexy Blondie's what I added just outof boredom due to nadržensoti snap "Delightfully grinned."Yeah, and I have a dog! Husky "Delightfully smirked at me."What's his name?" I raised my eyebrows. "Kai,"he hissed fascination. "Wow, lean name" I smiled at him andreached for a cup of coffee in his direction as the offer. "No,that's good," he said, nervously bit his lower lip. Hands in hispockets, and he also led me toward the beach. "Sportuješ?"He raised his eyebrows curiously. "Every morning I go running, Iswim, I serfovat, ride a longboard penny, dancing," I smiled athim. "You?" I looked at him. "Serfuju, ride a penny, Iswim, I go to the gym, ride a bike, ride a motorcycle and ATV in thewinter I go snowboarding in the Alps" Delightfully smirked atme. "Oh, you teach me to surf?" I looked at him with asmuch štěněčíma eyes with Brce of coffee in his mouth. "Sure"He smirked and suddenly stopped at the railing of the wooden poles."We are here" Delightfully smirked and pointed at the handsof a giant beach. "The sea!" I yelped excitedly. Empty cupof coffee, I threw in the trash, climbed over the railing and randown to the grass, where I stopped just before boiling sand. I tookoff my žapky I grabbed your left hand and only waiting for Jimin tocome behind me. "You coming?" I cried eagerly watching thebeautiful sea. "Quite a wonder no one's here! Usually there is alot of people, but about everyone is now at work. At least we've gothere across to myself, "I whispered to herself in spirit andwatching beautiful turquoise sea. "I'm here, sweetheart,"grabbed me from behind some giant shoulders and muscular arms. "Comeon!" I grinned at him all impatient, grabbed his hand and pulledhim toward the sea. Just before the sea, I let go of his hand andthrew boots on the ground in the sand. I began to undress. "You are not take off your clothes?" I tossed him the most quizzical look puzzled."Why?" He puzzled his right eyebrow. "I think you do not want be wet..." Isaid blankly, she tossed her pieces of clothes on the floor and beganto help him out of her dress. 

When we finally both were in theirunderwear, that's just me

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When we finally both were in theirunderwear, that's just me ... He had to take off a T-shirt. So weboth ran a once in waves. After a few bigger jumps I fell back intoone of the waves. It was pleasantly cool, unlike the ratherunpleasant heat. I buried her head under the water with her eyesclosed and rochnit began as a small child. After a while he got upand drenched all trying to find Jimin, but he was nowhere. I startedlooking for him immediately look beneath the bright pure translucentwaters, but still nowhere to be seen. "Jiminy?" I screamedtheir lungs out, but no response. I became quite nervous ..."Minnie?" I yelped in fear and tried to find him, but he isstill nowhere! When all of a sudden something behind me, grabbed theback to be pulled down under. I tried vysápat up, but the thing wasbigger and stronger. I'm still somewhere rod. But suddenly allowed... I quickly with all her strength vysápala of the water and triedto catch her breath. "You really are a beast! Are you trying todrown me? "I started screaming hysterically at Jiminy thatsurfaced right next to me. "Nehysterči gold, after all thesebeauty's'd never touched a hair," smiled šiblasky Jimin and heput his hand on his right shoulder. He stepped closer to me and handsme gently slid slowly down the sides of his thigh where his handalready left. At that moment, I was quite nervous ... After all, shestill know and according to me already have enough to thinksomething, I believe in his views and groping. "Stop, please..." I took myself out of his strong arm, which I threw into thesea view and lowered down to the feet. "Do not be afraid of me!I'll give you as much time you want 'tents' Delightfully smiled andsmacked into the sea. Ouch! It must therefore zabolet, slapped himlike a pancake paper ... Just after them. It even loud enough andprobably painfully clucked. Slowly I crouched so that I went to seethe sea from my eyes that watched as Jiminy playing a shark. Still hedived and caught me by the hand ... But after a while he got boredand stood on their feet. "Shall we go now?" He raised hiseyebrows curiously and ran his wet hair. "I suppose so," Iwrinkled my brow thoughtfully and followed him out of the sea. "We'renot going nachvilku to me? I would like to be changed "Againraked wet hair. "Somehow, I do not know .." I wrinkled mythoughtfully while uncertainly forehead and headed for the sea view."Do not worry, you neznásilním" giggled Jimin andwrinkling face and puppy eyes he said: "I live a bit" andpointed happened by somewhere down the road. "Very well, but youhave to lend me some dry!" I punched him amiably on the shoulderand followed him God knows where ...

Sorry for my english, i know! It is not good but hope you like it :)

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