Chapter 1- Let It Begin

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It amused me about how I planned to do this. I mean, it's honestly cliché and unnecessary. But, I liked it. So I suppose it would be a signature of mine.

I posted the snipper on the edge of the three story building, allowing me to see down at the exact area I knew Walter would soon be. The gun was smooth under my hands and held the air of power and deadliness that I would soon be harnessing.

The bullet in the chamber was hand crafted from silver, though any bullet would suffice. I just enjoyed the thought of killing a wolf shifter with silver bullets seeing as it's 'the only way to do it' based off of old movies.

My eyes rolled at the ignorance of humans and their ideas of what shifters were and how to kill them. If anything gets shot in a vital organ, it would kill it. So, one shot to the head and Walter would be out.

A fierce gust of chilled wind sliced through the air causing my ponytailed hair to whip violently about. My eyes remained focused through the scope alining the x to center on each head walking about.

The thud of my heart was under my complete control and my breathing was not showing any signs of anxiousness. The thin long sleeve black shirt I wore clung to each curve of my upper body while the baggy dark sweets loosely hung over my lower half.

I knew moments after the deed was carried out the clothes I wore would be torn to shreds as I raced away. He would have others with him, others that would be determined to catch the assassinator of one of their most valuable pack members.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Port. It's a pleasure to have you with us this evening," I heard a young man say as he opened the door to the black limo I had been waiting for.

This was it.

Out stepped one of the men that I so vividly remembered from that night. His short dark blonde hair was neatly brushed and his light blue eyes hide the disgusting truth of what he really was well. The white suit he wore almost made me laugh aloud considering white was nothing less than the color of purity, and that man who was lined up in my scope was not near pure.

I waited for a moment. A woman stepped out of the limo behind him and he oh so gentlemanly like offered his hand to assist her.

The woman's red hair laid elegantly curled to her shoulders and complimented the black backless cocktail dress she wore nicely. A smile claimed her face and the light greens of her eyes showed her happiness. Port's expression lite up just on seeing this woman happy.

So, he found his mate? Well, wasn't he just lucky to get that chance. That bastard was one of the reasons I would never get such happiness! He took that chance from me.

A bitterness within me struck a need to make him suffer for what he did rather than just give him a quick, painless end. I wanted to see his face twist into one that displayed nothing short of absolute agony and dread.

My hands made the slightest movement and put the center of the X on the blissful woman's head. This would be exactly what would break him.

My right pointer finger gently clicked the safety off, admitting just enough out of place noise for Port to notice. A sly grin creased my lips as his gaze ventured to the tops of my post and locked onto the snipper stalking them from above.

His face turned to horrified as he came into full realization that death was knocking on someone's door. Just giving him time to start his panic as he jerked his eyes back to the woman, I took in a breath, held it, and allowed my finger to pull the trigger toward me and echoed the explosive sound of the shot into the night.

My trained eyes caught sight of the bullet's fast movements and watched as it penetrated the woman's head that had just turned to face me with an alarmed expression and her smile of happiness fading fast, converting into a frown filled with terror.