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"Her name was Violet, I met her in the last year of school." Jake began, his mouth fixed in a grim line.

"She was more than a fling, I really liked her, you know? I'd only ever sleep with girls before her," he coughed awkwardly, glancing at me to see my reaction. I gave him a tight smile and motioned for him to continue.

"She'd just moved from down south. This one guy was pestering her all the time, he wouldn't leave her alone. So I stepped in, scared him away and ever since then, we just clicked. We were together for a couple of months, I took her home one day to show her off to Mum. She was the only girl before you who'd met Mum and Aunty Myra... Mum didn't like her at all."

"Why not?" I asked, feeling a little jealous at his words. She was in the past Emily.

I forced myself to keep repeating the same sentence over and over again. The last thing I wanted was to appear like the crazy girlfriend who was jealous of the ex. Jake shook his head.

"Mum just didn't like her, from the very first day. I think she knew what she was really like, even before I did. Voilet got along with Ivory too...and Tobias" he added, his jaw tensing at the mention of Tobias' name.

"She was closer to Tobias than Ivory. I shrugged it off, thinking they were just friends. I'd often find them alone in his room playing on his Xbox together and they'd giggle all the time, like they had an inside joke or something," Jake said, his fists clenching angrily.

"It happened at a New Years Eve party, I invited her round but she barely spent five minutes with me. She was hanging around Tobias like a bad smell the whole night, giggling away at him like a little schoolgirl. It was starting to annoy me and Tobias knew it was, he knew me better than anyone. So a couple of hours passes and there's no sign of Tobias or Voilet anywhere. I wanted to give her a kiss as the countdown began so I begin searching for her. I check every single room besides his, why would she be in his room, you know? I had this bad feeling all night and I decided to go confront Tobias over it, he had pissed me off so I went to search for him. The first place I checked for him was his room, I opened the door and I could hear the countdown downstairs... Three, two, one" Jake added, his voice full of hatred the closer he got to the end.

"Everyone starts cheering and I just stand there, staring at them. He's lying on his bed, jeans round his ankles. She was sat ontop of him, riding him like a horse. I'd never been as angry as I was in that moment, I saw red Muffin." Jake explained, his eyes burning with a freshly lit flame.

"She didn't even realise I was watching her until Tobias' head turns and he sees me standing there. He pushed her off him and that's when she finally noticed me in the room. I'll never forget the image of her ontop of him my whole life. I cant even look at Tobias since that day, he makes me sick. I've hit him countless times over it, I even broke his nose once..." Jake added, a look of hurt flashing through his eyes. I grabbed his hand in mine and bought it up to my lips, placing a gentle kiss on his knuckles.

"She begged and pleaded with me days after to take her back, said it was a mistake. I couldn't look her in the eyes either, not when every time I did, all I could see was her on top of my cousin. She eventually moved back home and I haven't seen her since" Jake finally finished, looking at me for my reaction. I nodded slowly, trying to understand everything he had told me.

"So when you saw Tobias shirtless in front of me and the bed, you thought it was happening again?" I groaned, putting my hands over my eyes. No wonder Jake had completely flipped, Tobias was such a fool for taking the chance again, considering his past with Jake. I decided now to never mention the suspicions I had with Tobias having feelings for me. If they are true, they'd only put more doubt in Jake's mind over me and I couldn't risk that.

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