There's a Demon in the Bathroom

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“Open the damn door, Benson!”

“Fat chance, you prick! I yelled back as I slowly backed away from the bathroom door.

“You’ll regret this. You’ll need to come out eventually, and when you do I’m going to pulverize your face!”

He banged on the door one more time before I heard stomping footsteps fade away. Only then did I exhaled letting the calm takeover. I knew that I wasn’t invited to Manny’s last get-drunk-be-a-douche party, but I lived here too! And I didn’t have anywhere else to go. Just because he was going away to college didn’t give him the right to be an even bigger asshole. If being a tattletale didn’t land me in just as much trouble as Manny, I would be calling our parents right this minute.

I slammed the toilet seat lid shut and sat down with a huff. Blowing the hair off my face, I crossed my arms and begun to hatch my so-called revenge. Of course there would never be any retaliation. There was just no beating Manny, but it sure didn’t hurt to fantasize about it.  

A small smile crept on my face. How nice would it be if I had my own personal demon to command. I would terrorize the living shit out of Manny. I would screw up all his dates, destroy all his collectible football jerseys, and give him zits—lots and lots of zits. Yes, my demon would be able to do that. I started to giggle at the image of Manny’s face full of zits when I heard a throaty whisper in my right ear, “What’s so funny, Benny?”

I shivered. My eyes fluttered open and I jumped off the toilet as a terrified yelp escaped from my lips. The first thought that came to mind was holy shit there’s an actual demon in the bathroom! But then I saw him, and the fear turned to anger with a hint of embarrassment for not noticing that he was here all along.

“What the hell are you doing in here, Ollie?!” I screamed.

“I was pissing. Then I had to puke, and then I passed out in the bathtub.”

I made a repulsed face. At least I thought I did, but it was apparently a little less repulsive and a little more comical because Ollie burst out laughing.

Ollie was my brother’s childhood friend. The Demon Duo was what I used to call them. They both picked on me, and always excluded me from their adventures when we were younger. Although Ollie had one redeeming quality over my brother. He knew when to stop and when it had gone too far. He was the one who ended up comforting me or taking me home at the end of the day. And because of that, I didn’t hate his guts as much.

“You guys shouldn’t be even drinking. You’re underage! What if you choked on your own vomit and died while you were passed out?!”

That wiped the smile off his face. He stood up then sat on the edge of the tub with a groan while his left hand fixed the shower curtain.

“Would that make you sad? If I died?” he asked.

“Huh?” The way he asked the questions made the back of my neck tingle.

“Forget it. I told you what I was doing here, now you it’s your turn to tell me what you’re doing in here.”

I sat back down on the toilet, our knees bumping in the process. “Manny’s on my case again. He told me not to show my face, but then he caught me sneaking in the kitchen for some food. It’s not like I wanted to be part of his stupid party, but I was hungry! I live here too, you know?!” I crossed my arms, a habit I did quite often when irritated, and proceeded to pout. There were several awkward minutes of silence, and then he asked me if I was ready for my first day of high school.

“With you guys gone and off to college, I’m sure my high school life would be bliss.”

That earned a laugh which pleased me. I continued to make snarky remarks about my brother which kept him chuckling. That felt good. It was almost nostalgic. It took me back to the days when I tried so hard to impress him, and in return I was often rewarded with Ollie ruffling my hair.

“I’m finally out of the Demons’ grasps.” I grinned at him. I guess that one wasn’t too funny since he stopped laughing. He stood up and ruffled my hair.

“Hurry and grow up so this demon can get you back in his grasp.”

“Huh?” I asked feigning stupidity. I hoped my face didn’t betray me, but I knew for a fact that Ollie knew that I caught his drift. It wouldn’t have been hard to miss with my heart beating erratically and my whole body feeling like it’s on fire. I was sure I looked the part too, like a twice boiled lobster.

He gave me a wink and a sly smile just before shutting the door behind him.

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