Table of Contents/ music notes

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(The video above is The Killers, "A Dustland Fairytale")

1. If Wishes Were...
(Soundtrack is "One Misty Moisty Morning" by Steeleye Span)
Remember Robin Hood? The Wish-giver does ...

2. Snow White and the Seven Cats
(Soundtrack by Janis Ian, Andrew Lloyd Webber/T.S.Eliot, Beverly Sills, John Denver/The Muppets, James Brown, and the Police)
Once upon a time there was ... Well, not a princess, and not beautiful, but she does have some very short friends

3. Cinderella in Toronto
(Soundtrack by Leonard Cohen/Sting and the Chieftains, Walt Disney, and Michael Jackson)
A tale of a sad Cinderella in the big city - and her very modern fairy-god-parent

4. The Ice King
(Soundtrack by Prince, Sting, Suzanne Vega, the Police, and Idina Menzel)
He came from far, far away to try to freeze her heart

5. Rapunzel Unbound
(Soundtrack by Tanita Tikaram, Peter Gabriel, Taj Mahal, Raffi, Yip Harburg/Burton Lane, Toto, Supertramp, Heart, Cyndi Lauper and Ella Fitzgerald)
Who's rescuing who?

6. Gloria
(Soundtrack so far by Norah Jones, One Direction, Tanita Tikaram, Soul II Soul, Sheryl Crow, Lionel Richie, the Eagles, the Spoons, and Heart)
Don't judge a book by it's cover ...

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