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True to his word Dawson text me asking for my address, he also said it might be a bit chilly outside so I have planned my outfit due to his word. My outfit consists of jeans, a red and black checked shirt, my brown boots and my parka.

I step out of the shower and wrap my purple towel around my wet hair, which now smells of strawberries because of my special shampoo and conditioner and walk out into my room where my mum is. My clothes are hanging up in the wardrobe, pressed for the hundredth time that day. My mum wants to do my hair so I am now sitting in my chair with her behind me drying my hair with a hair dryer
"I will make you beautiful honey all the boys won't keep their eyes off you" she shouts over the hair dryer
"Mum it's just a bonfire, nothing special" I shout back
She pats my shoulder "honey a bonfire isn't just a bonfire, gosh when I was your age, we had bonfires and that's where we made out with guys and played truth or dare" omg did my mum just tell me that
"That's where I met your dad for the first time, did I tell you the story?" I shake my head, she turns off the hair dryer and spins me to face her
"It was in mid July and it was the summer holidays" she smiles
" my friends and I decided to hold a bonfire to celebrate the summer, I was wearing my jeans and a sweater, nothing special. There was alcohol and everyone turned up, it was fun everyone was talking and having fun. Then I saw him at the other side of the fire, sitting staring at me, at first I looked away thinking, God did that hot guy just look at me" I cut off my mum with a "ewwww" she hushes me and continues
"Anyway I looked back and saw him still staring at me so I sent him a smile and he sent one back, he then stood up and made his way over to me, we chatted all night, then he asked me if I wanted to take a walk up the beach, which I said yes too, he took my hand and we left the group to walk up the beach, we had our shoes off and it just felt right being there with him you know" I nod
" he asked me questions about my interests, dislikes etc and I did the same, we were both 18 and I literally felt a spark after he gave me a electric shock which surprised us both, the air was warm and  it felt so nice. He asked me out that night and he took my first kiss during the walk then he gave me another during truth or dare" her face is beaming at the memories.
"I was lucky when he got dared to kiss me and we were told to cut it out because she kissed for too long" she giggles
"And that was that so you see honey a bonfire can change your life forever" she takes the curlers and starts to curl my hair, it takes a few minutes to do and then I am done. She does my make up but doesn't put too much on as beauty isn't make up. I like being natural I mean why put a lot of make up on? I think it makes some people look fake and plus their skin gets worse with spots.
I put my clothes on and then my shoes. My mother makes me stand in front of the mirror
"Like what you see?" She asks moving her hand up and down, I did
"Thanks mum but it's time to go, let's go down stairs and see if Dawson is waiting for me" she opens the door for me and  we walk down the stairs
"Got your phone?" She asks
We look outside and there is Dawson, he waves and opens the door. He makes his way up the stairs
I open the door
"Hey Dawson" I smile at him
He sticks his hand out to my mum
"Hello Mrs Cathy I'm Dawson, it nice to finally meet you Freya has spoke so much about you" my mum looks as shocked as I am but accepts his hand anyway and they shake
"Good things I hope?" She says jokingly and raises an eyebrow
"Nothing but the best" he replies, everyone including me went silent
"Eh should we go now?" I ask before things get too awkward
"Yeah sure it was nice meeting you Mrs Cathy" he says smiling at her then me
"You should come over for dinner say tomorrow?" My mum asks politely
"Sure that would be nice is that OK with you Freya?" I nod but I am surprised by the sudden invitation
"Thanks again and I will see you tomorrow"
"Bye mum love you"
"Love you too honey see you later, enjoy" she shuts the door and we make our way to the car
"Sorry about that" I suddenly burst out, he looks at me
"What for? Dinner? It's ok I would love to come for dinner" he grins
"Oh ok I didn't know if she put you on the spot or anything but that's great can't wait" I say
"I hope you aren't allergic to anything are you?" He laughs
"No I can eat anything" I laugh
"Is that why your on a bit of the podgy side" I smirk, poking at his stomach, he grabs my hand
"Babe that's muscle, six pack look" he lifts up his red shirt and points to his abs
We laugh and he unlocks the door of his Land Rover and we get in
"We match shirts see red and red" I point between us, his eyes light up
"Oh yeah so we do" he turns on the engine and pulls away from the curb
"Can I put a CD in?" I ask bringing out my Lady Antebellum, which Emi finally returned
He looks at it
"Sure why not country rocks right?" He raises his eyebrow
"I know right" I take out the Cd and put it in the CD player
The melody of We own the night plays out and I start singing as we make our way to the beach

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