My sweetheart

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Zak's p.o.v

I wish I could see her face when she opened the note I sent her. It was easy having that woman give the note to Freya, of course it was, my charm and all. Freya and I have history which we need to continue, our history is my life even if I did cheat on her. One big mistake meant losing the girl of my dreams. Ok that's exaggerating a bit, she is my life and we need to finish what we started. It all started four years ago, in mid July, I was out with a bunch of friends at this club and there she was, sweet innocent Freya dancing to the music with a bunch of girls, her beautiful face covered with a beaming smile as the music booms through the ground. She was wearing a black and silver slim dress that just met above the knees, she had her shoes off obviously her feet hurt, but when you see her dance you wouldn't think that. Even after all those years I still remember what she was wearing. My guys said I was whipped but I never believed them until the moment I messed everything up. I know she doesn't want me however I will make her, after all I have my ways. I look at the mirror in the car, and turn the car engine on. The roars of the sweet thing fill the air and I put it into gear and pull out of the parking lot.
I am 18, a badass player as some girls call me, I have black hair that girls die for, green eyes and a smile that is so unique it makes girls faint. Cocky as I am, I can be good fun, I have dark secrets that shouldn't be revealed, my past has ruined my relationships with both my family and Freya. My family decided to move to California, however they never knew about Freya and when I suggested that I wanted to move to California to prove to them I can changed they were surprised however they agreed that that would be a good idea. Little did they know that I am only here to get Freya back.
My house is directly across from hers and I had to put a request into the school to attend there this week. It all sorted, soon she will want me back, soon I will have her.
It will take some time for it to happen but she will soon fall for my charm.
My thoughts are caught off by a sudden ringtone of my phone
"Hey man what's up" Tony Freya's brother asks
"Nothing much just enrolled into your sisters school" I replied
"That's good remember our deal, keep an eye on her, or else they could catch her, then we will be ruined"
Tony is 22 years old and he is in some dodgy business that I am also into, and if they catch Freya then all will be lost. He and Freya do still keep in touch but he has been keeping his distance from his family.
"Sure, you know I will trust me man I don't want her to get caught as much as you don't want her too"
"I know man I just worry about her you know it's her birthday soon and you can never be too careful, remember what I said keep an eye on her, I catch up later but I need to go Zak" Tony says more softly this time
"Sure catch you later mate" I cut the call off and continue to drive to my house.
Freya's p.o.v

I lie face down on my bed, I have had no dinner and I am listening to Lady Antebellum. After I received that note from Zak, I knew that people would question me
"Alright class let's continue with the lesson shall we" Mr Bell says
Alec wrote a note
You ok? Who is it from?
I ignore his note and he passes me another
Please Freya, I made a mistake, it was a long time ago
I sigh at that and write back
Why didn't you at least tell me?
He looks at it for a second then passes it back
Because I didn't  think it mattered
Clearly he didn't see a problem
Well it mattered to me!!!!
He face turns to a hurt expression
What was that note about?
He changed the subject for a reason which I need to find out
It's my ex, he has decided to come haunt me by coming here!!!!
I throw the note back with the anger of just thinking of Zak
He writes something the pauses then writes again
If he hurts you I swear I will punch him in the face
I laugh at this however he needs to know the boundaries
No you can't I'm not your responsibility Alec
His face turns angry and he quickly scribbles something
Freya I love you don't lock me away now his face is showing both hurt and anger
What we had Alec is gone, I am with Jake now so why don't you run back to Marcie I am sure she will keep you entertained
"Right class please complete questions one and two for tomorrow, Miss Cathy can you please stay behind" Mr Bell looks at me and I nod and stay in my seat, Alec otherwise packs his textbooks roughly into his bag, slams his chair against the table and storms out of the class, everyone looks at me and whispers
"Did you hear what Alec did?"
"I know it's so terrible poor Freya"
"What did he even see in Marcie?"
"I don't know but he has ruined his chance"
I smile at this least I have some girls supporting me
Everyone leaves the room and Mr Bell shuts the door
"Are you ok?" He asks
"I'm doing ok I just miss her you know" he nods sympathetically
"I understand, it's hard to loose someone you love, also about that note" I nod
"Was it ok? What it said I mean" he asks now sitting on the desk
"Not really sir" I reply shaking my head
"How so?" He puts his head to the side
"It's my ex you see from my old house, the note basically said he has moved here"  I sighed
He nods
"Wait" he walks over to his desk
"Is his name any chance Zak Stevenson?" I nod
"Well he is going to be in this class starting in two days" he raises his eyebrows
"Two days!!!!!" I shout, I now pace the floor
"Yes I am afraid, don't worry I'll keep him away from you if that will cause any trouble, we will need to add another seat as you were meant to be the last student" he stands up
"Yes please do that, thanks again sir" I smile
"Anytime don't be afraid to speak to me, I'll always be here ok, you go enjoy your lunch" he sits in his chair and I grab my bag and open the door
There is Dawson leaning against the wall opposite from the door
"Oh hey"
"Hey" he puts a hand up and waves and stands up straight
"You ok?" He asks adjusting his bag
"Yeah, you? We haven't spoke in ages" I say as we start walking towards the cafeteria
"Yeah I'm good and I know I've missed you.... And I talking I mean" his cheeks turn pink and I laugh
"Same so what's new?" I ask
"Well I have a cousin who just moved here and I was hoping you could come to a bonfire tonight, I am holding it for him" I nod, a bonfire sounds fun
"Can I pick you up at seven?" He asks looking at me
"Sure want my number so I can send you my address?"  I ask, I put my hand out for his phone, he nods and hands me it
I put my name as
Hottie the one and only
I hand him my phone and we switch back, I smile
"Thanks, let's go for lunch and thanks for waiting for me"
"Anytime" we walk through the doors and head to our table, Emi, Jake, Jason are already and I stop short when I see the extra two people sitting with them Marcie and Alec. My eyes narrow, what is he and HER doing there!!!!
" Dawson eh can we sit outside today?" He looks at me then at the table and his brain clicks
"Yeah sure lets go" he links arms with me just after I see Marcie smirking at me, that bitch.
"Thanks" I say once we are outside, we find a bench and sit down, I take my phone out and dial his phone quietly without him noticing
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard damn right it's better than yours

That's all I hear before he whips his phone out of his pocket, I try to keep myself f of laughing as he frowns at the callers name which would be me. He smiles at me and answers the phone
"Hello miss hottie who is my only hottie, who are you" I end the call under the table and he looks at his phone and frowns
"Hello" he takes his phone away from his ear
"Sorry do you mind if I call this person back? I don't know who they are" he asks with a casual smile on his face
"Eh sure why not" he presses buttons and lifts his phone to his ear
Just a kiss of your lips in the moonlight
My phone blares out and Dawson looks at me and laughs
"It's you?" He asks pointing to his phone
" yeah you like?" I laugh and he nods
" hottie huh? Give me your phone" I hand over my phone and he types something in and he hands  it back
I look at the screen
Hottie #2
"Seriously number two?" I laugh
" sure why not?" He asks
I shake my head and bring out my salad and a fork.
We continue to eat our lunch and crack jokes  until the bell goes
"Art time" one of the two classes we share together
"Let's go" I grab his hand to pull me up.

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