A Doll's Story

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This is a short story from a thousand miles away about a doll with hopes. 

However, no one ever knew about her.

The story started with once upon a time like all of the other fairy tales did. 

But could you actually believe that this story was not a happy ending? 

Because how could endings be happy... if they were endings?

Once upon a time there was a doll named Ann Sherina. 

She had perfect round eyes and cute red lips. 

A boy named Cyril owned her.

This doll was given to him by his mom after her death. 

Although dolls were not made for boys, he still took care of it. 

Because of his care and love, the doll was gifted by a heart. 

The one who gave it was not known.

Ann Sherina looked after Cyril. 

When Cyril would sleep, she would walk by his side and would kiss his cheeks gently.

However, Cyril never knew that the doll was alive. 

One day when Cyril was away, Ann Sherina heard a voice.

"Do you love him?" 

"Of course I do!" 

"I could make you human, for I knew that you made use of the heart I gave to you wisely." 

"May I ask one question then?" 

"What is it my dear Ann Sherina?" 

"Why have you given me a beating... human heart?" 

"For I knew that he had so much love, he needs something in return."

A light came through. 

The doll became a human.

Cyril never knew about this. 

He thought that he left his doll somewhere. 

He cried for endless nights and days.

With these endless nights, Ann Sherina was the one who comforted him. 

She was happy to touch his hand... his tears... his face... as a human.

They became the best of friends.

One afternoon, when Ann Sherina was ready to tell Cyril the whole truth,  

Cyril confessed to Ann Sherina that he loved somebody else.

"I love a girl in school. Her name is Karylle. She's pretty and nice. I don't know how to tell her that I love her... I wish that I could give her something... something that could make her know my real feelings for her."

Ann Sherina did not have the chance to tell her true feelings to Cyril.

Because of anger and jealousy, she went to the girl that Cyril talked about. 

She brought a knife with the intention of killing her.

She saw Karylle, the girl whom Cyril loved, sleeping. 

And when she was about to stab her, she began to sleep talk.

"I love you Cyril... but I just don't know how to tell you. I wish I had something to let you know my true feelings for you."

Ann Sherina cried then threw the knife away. The voice spoke.

"What do you want me to do?" 

"Make me a doll again... A talking one."

The next day, Karylle found a doll beside her. She embraced it and found out that it was a talking one. She smiled and thought that this was the perfect gift for Cyril to know her real feelings about him.

The girl gave the doll to Cyril. Cyril was really happy because he found his long lost doll. 

He embraced it and noticed that it talked...

"I love you."

Cyril knew about Karylle's real feelings. 

Karylle knew about Cyril's real feelings. 

And they lived happily ever after.

But then...

They never knew about the doll's real feelings. 

Cyril never knew that besides Karylle's confession...

The doll, Ann Sherina-who sacrificed her human heart-also confessed to him... saying, 

"I love you."

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