Chapter 1: New Day

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"Hello, I'm (Y/N)-chan." you say, bowing to the entire class. You were irritated that you were sent to the lowest class after being transferred. You were really smart and was suppose to be in the A class, instead of E class, The End Class. "I have recently moved here and hope to have a nice school year with you all." you say with a fake smile. "Okay (Y/N)-chan, go sit down in the back for now." sensei says and you head towards an empty seat. 

You find a disturbing classmate as he eyes you. He has light brown hair, combined with blond hair. You sit one seat away from him, leaving an empty seat between you two. 

After class, you head down the long, horrible mountain side. When you got to ground level, you find some students from the main campus, snickering at you. It made you pissed and you felt like choking them, seeing their eyes bulge, and beg for mercy, slowly dying...

The following week, you overheard that another new student was coming to E class. Great. Another student. You still felt mad about how poorly your classmates and you were being treated at the main campus and how the Headmaster had not changed you to A class yet. You drum your fingers, bored in class. Class started and the new student came in. He had red hair, golden red eyes, and a different uniform from the rest of the students. It was weird since it was like your uniform. You feel embarrassed about it but stare down at your desk. Stop thinking about it, you tell yourself. 

"Hi, I'm Karma Akabane. I feel so good to be back at school, and be able to kill the teacher." he says with a cackle. Right. Our teacher is an alien and we have a main assignment. Kill him. That's the only request from the Japanese Defense Unit, Karasuma. 

"Nice to meet you teach." he says, extending a hand to sensei in which he took. Splat. One of sensei's tentacles fell of.  "Heh heh, who knew you would fall for that!" Karma says with a laugh which you found it as his 'charming' part. Sensei was quite suprised. Karma was the first person to actually do some damage to the alien teacher.  Karma then walked to the back of the class and sat next to you. You feel mushy inside and heat flooded through your head. You felt a bit woozy as you try to study what sensei was teaching. To difficult. You request an excuse, heading to the bahtroom. 

In the bathroom, you talk yourself out of the feeling. Karma Akabane... What an interesting name. 

Sorry for short chapter. I hate introductions so... yeah. Pretty bad. I'm lazy. *sighs* I don't even know why I am typing this during class. Ack... Well, bai bai, see you in the next chapter~

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