Soulmate |Steve|

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You guys need to watch the video above or on the side. This is the most hilarious thing ever.

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When Steve was born, there was no voice in his head, no one to help him fight off the bullies. Luckily Bucky didn't have it either. So he figured finding a dame for themselves would be rare. But seeing as it was James Buchanan Barnes, it was a rather painful continuation.

But after the death of Bucky, after the kiss with Peggy, he believed he was screwed and knew he had to take the plane down after all there was no life for him afterwards. A war machine was all he ever would be made out to be.

"Wake up. I need you to wake up."

. . .

"If you don't get up, Thor will eat all the pancakes." The voice in his head was music to his ears. The first time he ever heard her voice was the day he had woken up. And now he was greatful to be alive, because at the sound of her voice he knew she was a beautiful person. "STEVEN." He chuckled and got up pulling on a white shirt and walking out to the kitchen.

Four years with her voice and he couldn't wait to meet her. In his head she didn't know who she was. She just kept him safe and sane.

"Good morning Steven!" Thor smiled and raised his mug to him.

"Hello Thor." After all this time he was still surprised with the God. Or gods for that matter.

"We have saved you pancakes." Thor grins and passes it over.

"Thanks." Tony walks in whistling and engages himself with the others. "Clean up duty!" He points to Clint first. "You are in charge of dusting the Windows. Nat the cat, you're in charge of dishes. Thor drying the dishe-"

"Why exactly?" Banner interrupts.

"My assistant Y/N is finally coming back!" He smiles. "Six Years without her and look I'm barely surviving."

"Oh good I didn't want to tell you." Steve mumbles.

"Thank you capsicle for the commentary, but the place has to be immaculate or she'll actually kill me."

"Wouldn't be the only person." Steve laughs out loud, and the team's looks to him. "Sorry sorry."

"Yeah we get old man. Soulmate and what not. But unfortunately Y/N's soulmate isn't as easy as yours is with jokes. I'm afraid of the age difference between the two. I swear that man in her head has scolded me more than I can count." Tony grumbles.

"Why is this assistant so important?" Steve ask.

"Um how could my daughter not be important." Tony ask dramatically.

"You have a daughter?" Banner this time ask. "As your assistant?"

"Course I do. I win the daddy award every year." Tony blast. "Labs assistant more like, who else could keep me company before science bros?"

"I don't think that's what the "daddy" award means." Steve snorts and chews on his pancake.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Clint asks.

"Sorry. Daddy's little girl was too busy studying the medical field he never got around to exposing her." Tony answers sarcastically. "I'm kidding. She's not the limelight type of girl. For fu-"


Language." Both Steve and his soulmate say at the same time.

"Oops sorry grandpa

"Oops sorry grandpa." Toy rolls his eyes and continues. "The little voice in her head keeps her sane. Something about not following the Stark motives. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. You know the use." (Short for usual) Tony shrugs and claps his hand. "So let's get this place clean! After all I do pay for everything and make everyone look cooler. So yeah you kind of owe me!"

. . .

The doorbell which Steve didn't know Stark even had installed rang through the level, he figured the other Stark had arrived. "You should go say hi." His soulmate suggest. "After all being in the presence of all the Avengers is a little intimidating." He nods although she can't see and gets off the couch heading to where he can hear voices.

"We would've thrown a welcome home party, but we were busy having no idea that you existed." Clint jokes as he hugs a girl. Much younger than the Avengers around her, she giggles and Steve swears he can hear his heart skip a beat.

"Alright Katniss don't hog her she is my daughter." Tony scoffs and pulls her into his arms. "I missed you baby girl." The avengers are shocked to see him in such a vulnerable state. But the girl in his arms laughs and shakes her head.

"I've missed you too, but the I think it's JARVIS that takes the cake." Steve doesn't say anything, thinking it's his soulmate talking in his head. "Oh! Captain America!" She squeals pushing her father away and running to him.

"And you must be the infamous Y/N Stark." She gasp and stands there shocked.

"It's you." It's now that Steve realizes it's her. His soulmate. The girl with the sweet voice, and wonderful taste in music. (Despite her father being Tony Stark.) "Jeezus, I thought you were going to be some old man." She laughs and press their foreheads together. "You're here." She whispers. "Tell me Steve are you with me till the end of the line?"

"Always doll."

"Um excuse me!" Tony coughs and pulls the two away. "My daughter remember!"

"Daddy he's my soulmate." She pulls herself off and reaches for Steve's hand. "Now Steven, what's up with you and fonduing?" She asks as they walk to the livingroom, and all the others can here is Bucky bursting out in laughter.

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