Forgiving Mistakes on hold

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"Tell me!" She said as she pulled his hair.
He banged her against the wall as he lift her in his arms.
"Why can't you just leave me alone?" He demanded as he pushed her back against the wall.
Koyel placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself.
"You ruined my life! You ruined everything! I have a right to know the reason you bastard!"
Her response only got him more mad.
With his right hand, he held her neck.
"You are right! I am a bastard! Now you will pay for not leaving me alone when I told you to!"
She smirked at him "if I wanted to leave you alone, I would not have sneaked into your room and thrashed hour place. Baby it's high time you accept the fact that no matter what you do, I will never leave you."
Nishant's eyes softened by her declaration.
"Promise you won't leave?" He asked with hope in his eyes.
Koyel saw the vulnerable man she never new existed.
She cupped his face between her hands "I promise".
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