Want Some Coffee

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Outside a famous coffee shop, Zack and Juliet were sitting facing each other to have a little conversation. Zack ordered a cup of coffee, while Juliet ordered a slice of cake.

"Girls are terrible." Zack said while holding his cup of coffee, "They change their mood very fast." 

"Well," Juliet replied, "Maybe it's not her fault." 

"Then who? Mine?" 

"Maybe she realized that you lack time on her." 

"She lacks time for me too." 

"Then why don't you try to confront her?" 

"I'm always the one confronting her. I'm tired of it." 

"Then break up with her." 

"Good idea." Zack sipped. 

"I was joking!" Juliet's eyes widen because of Zack's answer. "Zack, don't be immature. You would not leave that relationship for that shallow reason."

Zack barely listened to what she just said. He realized he was already looking at her face.

"Want some coffee?" Zack asked. 

"No thanks." Juliet replied.

Zack sipped.

"I'm falling out of lust. Being in a relationship is just a waste of time." 

"You've said that a million times when you feel that your relationship is not working. Excuses!" Juliet said while having a taste of the cake she ordered, "Then when you find another girl, you'd say 'I think she's already the one for me'." 

"I don't have a million ex girlfriends." 

"O come on. Ever since sixth grade you've said that phrase." 

"Tell me, have you ever been in love?" 

"You're my best friend, you should know." 

"I'm not you." 

"I don't know," Juliet opened her planner then replied, "I don't think so. It's a waste of time... Like what you've said." 

"I just don't think she's the one for me." 

"Zack, you enter a relationship not because you know it would end, but because you feel that it would last forever." 

"You're the greatest."

Juliet smiled.

"Your thoughts are just... perfect." 

"I'm just telling the truth." 

"You sound like you've been in love." With his eyebrows crossed, Zack placed his palm on his forehead, "Have I missed something on you? Tell me." 

"Honestly... Maybe I had been on that stage." 

"Maybe? How many times?" 



They looked at each other. Awkward silence.

"Want some coffee?" Zack asked. 

"No thanks." Juliet replied.

Zack sipped.

"You advise the right advices, but never been in a relationship. How could you do that?" 

"I don't know. Just..." Juliet wrote something on her planner then continued on what she was saying, "...some random thoughts inside my head going out of my mouth." 


"You're getting weird." 

"Maybe you should find someone." 

"Find what?" 

"Find someone whom you would spend your time with... your life with. Someone who would love you till the end of time. You  know what I mean." 

"No need." Slowly, Juliet ate the cherry on top of her cake. "Zack, if you would continue to act like a seven-year-old child who would just throw away things until he gets what he wants, you would miss the right one for you."

Zack heard what she just said, but the thought came to him seconds after. He was looking on how Juliet chewed the cherry,  and why he noticed the mole below her lower lip just now.

"Hey, what's the matter." 

"Why do you..." 

"I what?" 

"...seem beautiful today?"

Zack just swallowed a little saliva.

"Want some coffee?" Zack asked. 

"No thanks." Juliet replied.

Zack sipped.

"You know what..." 

Zack was still holding his cup below his lips. "What?" 

"I've come to realize why you want to break up with your girls so easily."

Juliet exhaled.

"It's because ever since we knew each other... ever since I became your best friend, you always depend what you feel on what  I feel."

Zack became confused.

"It's because every time you're with a girl, what you think is not her. You think of me. Damn it, now I'm being immature...  and tactless... and assuming. And yes, I've been in love... and I am still in love, so in love I might be crazy after the next second. Ever since we knew each other, I never thought of you as a friend, and worse as a best friend."

Juliet closed her planner.

"I've always thought of you as the one that... would love me till the end of time."

She grabbed Zack's coffee, drank some, then exhaled.

"Want some coffee?" Juliet asked.

Zack smiled, and sipped.

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