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It was already ten in the morning, but the sky was dark as if something bad would happen. Worried, I took my phone and sent her a message.

Be careful. I love you.

Others find it weird that I kept telling her that I love her even if I never received a clear reply to those three words.

A minute later, my phone vibrated.


I rolled over my bed, wondering what she felt for me for the nth time. It was exactly two years after I confessed to her my real feelings. I remember her smiling back at me that moment, as if she didn't hear anything, and then asked me if I was hungry.

If you'd ask me if I was bothered, of course I was! Who the hell would not be? For two years I kept waiting, I even tried to like somebody else-but she'd always be there. She'd always be listening to her mp3 player as the sunset rays light her face, then after five seconds she'd look at me and ask, "You really like her don't you?"

Weakly, I'd reply, "I don't. I love you more." Then again, she'd listen to her music as if I didn't say anything.

I tried to resist the urge to reply to her vague smile, so I turned off my cell phone then watched my favorite show on television, or anything that might let me forget about replying to her message. However, after ten hours of fighting with myself, I turned on my phone.

I was reading her messages while hearing the news on television...

I'm inside the mall right now. Are you asleep? Could you go here with me?

I smiled at her text messages. Then I thought that maybe, not replying to her messages was a good strategy to catch her attention. I glanced at the news once in a while since the news story was quite bothering.

Around a hundred people were trapped inside... Smoke is already eating the place...

Her nonstop messages made my night as I read the delayed texts. There were around 25 messages or more, some were repetitive though. The texts contained have you eaten already or so you're asleep or random experiences while she was inside a mall, as she mentioned in one of her messages. My smile was irremovable because of her messages, but the last one bothered me.


I replied to her what's happening a lot of times, even called her but she was out of reach. Nervous, I went to their house in the middle of the night, but they weren't there. I was walking back to our house when I received the most delayed message.

I love you.

Smiling, I walk back to my house. I jumped high, and then replied to her.

Greatest day ever! See you tomorrow! I love you!

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