Dating the Son of Zeus*19*

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"So tell me more," Sophia said as she cuddled closer to my side. My arm instinctively wrapped closer around her.

"Well, what would you like to know?" I asked, pulling the covers tighter around her. I watched as she sat there thinking of her next question, and as she did I thought about how the rest of our night had played out.

Our ride on Pegasus had lasted for quite awhile. It was extremely relaxing, just the two of us flying over New York City, enjoying being with one another. Eventually when the temperature dropped, and feeling the cool wind on our faces was too much for Sophia, I decided to call it a night. Landing back in Central Park I sent Pegasus on his way back to Mount Olympus and Sophia to the car to take her home. But somewhere along the way she had decided that she didn't want to go home for the night and would rather stay with me. Of course I wasn't about to argue with her on that, so with a smile I brought her home.

Upon entering the apartment complex, my friends were waiting up for me. I had let them know that I was considering breaking the news to Sophia and I figured they would be waiting to see how it went. Closing the door behind us, Perseus and Leonidas popped up from the couch and Penelope ran down the stairs.

"Herc- I mean Hayden, I was beginning to wonder if you were coming home tonight," Penelope said.

I smiled at Penelope, while wrapping an arm around Sophia, pulling her closer. "Sorry we got caught up."

"That's alright. Percy, why don't you go put some tea on the stove, it looks like the could both use something to warm them up," Penelope said.

"Oh no you don't have to do that, Perseus. I'm fine thank you," Sophia said.

"Well if you're su--" Perseus stopped mid sentence to stare at Sophia. "What did you just call me?"

Sophia looked up at me with a wary smile, as if she was afraid she'd done something wrong. "It's ok guys. She knows," I said.

"She knows? Like, everything?" Leonidas asked, taking a few steps closer to us.

"The basics," I said warily. I didn't want any of them to end up telling her about the wife thing before I had a chance to. "She knows what we are."

"Thank Zeus!" Perseus said. "I'm sorry but I was tired of pretending."

"Yeah and I can not stand the name Leon. It just doesn't have the same power that my actual name has," Leonidas said.

"What are you talking about?" Perseus asked. "I thought Leon suited you just fine. It brought out your milder side. Leon," Perseus said it again, just to aggravate Leonidas.

"Shut up Perseus! I will not hesitate to take you on right here, right now!" Leonidas threatened.

"Enough you two," Penelope said, stepping between them. "We have a guest," she gestured towards Sophia. "Are you going to be staying the night with us?" she asked.

"Yeah, that is, if you guys don't mind," Sophia said timidly.

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