Make me Beautiful

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Inspired By: My Desires

Make me beautiful,

Let me shine,

Be that man I long to find,

Come right here,

I want to feel you near,

I want to hear those beautiful words whispered in my ears,

I want to feel your breath, you arms wrapped around my waist,

Your lips against my cheek,

Make me feel complete,

Tell me the truth,

Tell me no Lies,

Hold me close, let time fly by

Lay with me

Be forever my baby,

Because darling, you're all I ever wanted

Really and truly

I want to be with you,

Make me belive those tales of love

Tell me it's not only for the beautiful,

Tell me some of it's for me,

Not just for those characters on the television screen,

Say it's possible for me to fall in love,

Lay with me, tell me no lies,

Hold me Close,

Let Time Fly By,

Because Forever is a long time

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