Aphrodite! I yelled back.

Yea yea, whatever, come and say hello, you are the newest goddess after all, everyone wants to see you. Actually, stay there I'm coming! She said.

Erm OK... I said slowly.

I noticed my clothes had also changed, oh gods now one of the Olympians had seen me nearly nude. Please say it wasn't my dad or any of the males, maybe my mother. Who ever she is?

I was in a thin red toga that fitted me perfectly, showing off all my newly acquired curves and slim figure. It was a high-low design being short at the front and longer at the back it only had one streap and had a thin gold tie securing it to my waist, I noticed a bangle wrapped around my upper right arm. It was perfect and made me look like a true goddess.

I saw a pair of strappy gold high heeled sandals on a lound bench at the end of my bed and decide to put them on, just as I finished tying the second one, there was a nock on the door. I spun around just in time to see Aphrodite glide in. I sighed in relief, maybe she could answer some of my questions.

"What the hades is going on?" I said sharper then I intended to. I saw her flinch slightly as a wave of guilt washed over me.
Great now I'm scaring the Olympians.

"I heard that!" Someone yelled bursting into the room.

I let out a shriek of terror before I realised it was Hades. Ughh. He was so annoying. I would slap him if it wouldn't get me killed. Well I guess I'm a goddess now so...

"Hades! That was mean, look how scared and confused she is already and you come bursting in here like that! What were you thinking?" Aphrodite said before having an extremely long rant at Hades.

I moved over to sit on one of the many chairs that scattered the room and drifted off into my thoughts. I wonder what I'm the goddess of, I guess I'm the goddess of war but I wonder what else.
I guess I'm now immortal as well, I always wanted to become immortal but this definitely wasn't how I planned it, I was hoping to join the hunters. Not become a goddess.
I wonder if I will be able to do any magic? I hope so. That would be so cool, well I guess I can do a bit already, all the god's and goddess's can.

I was pulled out of my thought when I became aware of a screaming Aphrodite shaking me back and forth ferociously. Ahh gods! What's she doing?

"Hey! Hey! Release the demigod - goddess. Ugh whatever I am now. I'm not a rag doll I know that much!" I yelled at her pulling her off me.

"Your a goddess and I was trying to get you back from Bella la la land" she huffed whilst I giggled.
Giggle? I never giggled. Apparently I wasn't the only one to notice this.

"Ha! You're giggling like me!" Aphrodite squealed.

I must have had a horrified expression as Aphrodite burst into a whole new round of uncontrolled laughter. I sat there glaring at her the whole time until she calmed down.

"You done?" I asked sarcastically after she had calmed down.

"Yes, we need to go now anyway. Lots of explaining to do!" She said before grabbing onto my arm and god traveling us to the throne room in Olympus.

"Wowa, that is not a nice feeling" I said collapsing to the floor dramatically when we arrived. It was the first time I had god traveled and I did not like it at all.

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