Chapter four: My eyes it burns

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WARNING- A sex scene is involved in this chapter however I don’t think it goes into to much detail lol but still heads up because to u it may ROFL

Enjoy the chapter guys oh and I oh TaintMeWithUrPoison as she gave me the great idea with the last part of this chapter but I’m not giving anything away so read and enjoy :P

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 Matthew’s POV  

I jumped head first into the lake. It was the lake my father had shown me and Luke when we went out on a hunting trip with him once. I know I should’ve come here alone but I loved swimming, besides Adair is training with his father and Luke is helping mum today with something which I couldn’t care less about.

I swam through the lake slowly taking  in everything around me. The trees, the mountains and the animals which my father would normal be hunting for. I didn’t have the will power to go take down the rabbit nearby and I had forgotten to bring my bow anyway.

As I turned back around to swim back the other way as I reached the bank I saw something out the corner of my eye. It had only been for a second but I had seen it. All I had on was some trousers and no top with my clothes right next to the lake with a few of my belongings but I still didn’t want anyone to steal it as I didn’t plan on going back to Camelot with just a pair of trousers on.

I climbed out the lake and sat down next to my stuff. It was only early afternoon and I had no idea what to do to keep myself busy for the next couple of hours.

I saw it again near the trees for a second and this time I was not going to simply ignore it. I chucked all my stuff including my clothes into the bag and slung it over my shoulder. I picked my sword up from the floor and headed towards the trees without my boots, top and armour. I didn’t feel scared as I knew I would be able to beat it anyway with such great fighting skills.

I entered the trees slowly so they wouldn’t be able to hear me. I took it slow through the trees but it was like what I had seen had vanished. I stepped forward and then I heard something behind me. It was so quiet no normal person would have heard it but I had been trained for this.

I turned around and put my sword tip to the person’s throat. As I looked to see who it is someone grabbed me from behind. Oh crap an ambush! How did I fall for this?

“Calm down he isn’t anything that can harm us,” warned the person who I did have my sword at but she had now grabbed it. She was gorgeous, in this bright blue dress but it was clear she knew how to use a sword. How did she even get my sword without me realising it? Maybe it was because someone grabbed hold of me from behind, that’s it.

“If you say so,” said the person who still had hold of me. He then let me go and I turned around to see who had grabbed me. He looked like the same age as the girl and he had bow over his shoulder.

“Sorry we thought you where someone who would attack us or take us captive,” smiled the girl.

“No thank you, I clearly need to prepare for Ambush’s better,” I smiled.

“I’m Emily and this is Roy.”

“I’m Matthew,” I said to them leaving out the fact that I am a prince of Camelot.

“What brings you out here?” she asked me.

“I was going for a swim.”

“Oh right sounds like fun. May we join?” asked Emily.

“If you want,” I said.

“Race you to the lake!” shouted Emily as she sprinted towards the lake.  Roy and I looked at each other and smiled before we sprinted of after her. Did I just find two new friends?

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