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A/N: Dedicated to prettyIittIeIashton. Also want to add because I forgot to before, I have not had therapy before nor have I spoken with a therapist. If I've represented anything terribly or you want to give me some useful information that you think would help in further updates don't hesitate to message me about it, you're more than welcome to let me know.

"Day two of Therapy, how are you feeling today?"

Luke was actually looking at the man today, taking in his scruffy beard and tortoise shell glasses. He still didn't reply the way the man wanted, he kind of looked as if he might have replied and then thought better of it.

"That's okay. Here, maybe learning a few things about me will make you more comfortable." The man continued, beginning to chuckle as he wrote a few things down. He looked pleased despite Luke's stony expression and lack of words.

Luke thought that maybe he'd be more comfortable if they invested in a real couch instead of this plastic-y stiff feeling thing he was currently sitting on. It would definitely make Luke feel more at home if they got a nicer sofa.

"My name is Dr. Leonard Stroud," He started off, already having that proud smile on his face just from saying his own name. He began rattling off random facts about himself, mostly about fishing really and Luke didn't even need to hear it to know that Dr. Stroud liked to go out on the weekends and look for the biggest bass, he could tell from looking around the man's workplace.

He had the kind of office that you'd find at a private school, everything had some element of dark pine to it, and if it wasn't made of the rich wood, the colour was complimentary to it, greens and dark purples. Quite an odd combination but Leonard didn't seem to mind. The office in general had limited personal belongings besides the shelves upon shelves of psychology books. There were the usual family pictures that a man Leonard's age would have, a lot of them revolved around fishing although the lack of pictures of his own wife indicated that she didn't enjoy Leonard's obsessive fishing hobby.

Leonard had launched into story about his first real catch when Luke tuned back in, probably something crappy like a small sun fish that he would eventually turn into advice he'd try to feed Luke.

"Even though my father caught a trout that day, I'd never been prouder of myself. You really have to appreciate the small things in life if you want to be truly happy." Leonard smiled tiredly, leaning back into his chair with that look on his face, like he was reliving the glory days. There was the life advice that Luke was predicting though.

Luke decided that Leonard's wife would eventually file for divorce when she found a guy that liked cooking, Leonard's definition of cooking didn't surpass grilling up some fish on the barbecue.

Now that Leonard wasn't bragging about his achievements in life, he remembered that he was actually supposed to be doing a job. He pulled a pen out of his shirt pocket and waited for Luke to move so he could guess at what Luke's all around presence meant mentally.

Luke sat incredibly still for a minute and a half before he broke and looked at the analog clock mounted on the wall.

It had been ten minutes. Time to go, Luke stood up and walked to the door as quickly as he could without tipping off his therapist that he had better things to do.

"See you tomorrow Lucas." Dr. Stroud said, having a final word before Luke could escape. And also reminding him that he was required to see the therapist again tomorrow, and the day after that and so on until Luke was mentally fit enough to stop being looked after constantly.

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