Chapter 22

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++A Week Later++
Tris P.O.V:

After dropping Verity off at pre-school and Xavier (and Tiny) off at Christina's, me and Uriah head to work. Hopefully, we'll get to work together...

We run off to the meeting to see who we'll be working with. All the new trainers stand in a room and wait patiently for Max to tell us/them who we'll/they'll be working with.

As I look around the room, I recognise some people. Tori, Lauren, Uriah, Zeke and Four (oh, no!)...

Please, I'm praying, pair me with Uriah, please!

Max walks in and starts pairing us up. "Tori, you're with Zeke; Lauren, you're with Uriah and Tris, you're with Four. I don't care if this causes any inconveniences so don't come to me wanting me to change your partners." Everyone looks at me and Four while we run up to Max anyway, him shaking his head.

Hi guys, I know I promised a longer chapter but I'm really busy. I had a tooth out on Friday and another one today so... I'm in pain. I'll be writing another chapter soon, I promise!
Yay or Nay?
~ Emilee xx

 I'll be writing another chapter soon, I promise! Yay or Nay?~ Emilee xx

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