CHAPTER 1: surprise

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Ari's POV

As soon as the plane landed, I was excited to be back home, not only to see my family again but also to see my annoying brothers.
Which I thought I would NEVER EVER miss in my entire life!!!!. Note the sarcasm there😝

During our drive home it was silent as none of us spoke a word the whole way there, glancing out my window I saw nothing has changed since I left even my home still looked as Beautiful as it was all those years ago. it was like time stopped.

Then I saw my mom and dad standing at our gate with my little brother Dustin, 'wow he has changed a lot, he has a well  built body and he's hair is lighter than before, plus he's jawline seems more firm than the last time I saw him' I thought as I jumped out the car to take a closer look at him.

After all of us got out we went to get our bags from from the boot, then my mom and dad came to hug us , they were crying with joy of seeing us back home after 6 years (it was mostly my mom That was crying) and welcomed us into the house.

"My beautiful babies, I cant believe your home!" Said my mum excitedly.
While my dad was taking our bags to our rooms.
Ah it feels good to be home.

"Girls you better be ready by 6pm" dad said glancing at us and the clock.

"Why Mr.B" asked Cassy

"Because we have a special event planned  for tonight, so you girls must go rest, you had a long fight."dad said leaving our rooms and walking to his office.

"What special event dad please tell me" I said
"Yeah please tell us"said my friends with our puppy dog eyes that any dad will fall for.

"Urg" we moaned.

He is hopeless sometimes

After we all had a nice shower, I decided we could start getting ready for tonight by seeing what we should wear.

Cassy decided we should wear our new dresses we bought for Valentine's day and killer heels to match.

My dress is sea blue with back open and goes down til my knees, my hair was curled naturally at the edge with a little style.
Cassy's  dress is black with sliver and her hair was straightened down her back, with black heels to match.
Nicole's dress  is dark blue with light markings and her hair is curled with her bangs lose, with dark blue heels.

By the time we were done with our make up, it was time to go and then we all piled up in our cars. mine is  a red BMW m3 and my dads is a black SUV that he loves to death, it's he's baby.
On the way there we saw signs with arrows pointing to the end of our town. The nearest we got I could see a sign that said "party over here" how cliche of them to do that, seriously people you could've done better or something that nobody will notice!!!😑

Back to where we were

The place they picked was the most newest and famous club in our small town, it was even better than the club we went to in France called "bon bons" which is very famous there.

"This  place looks so awesome " I said with a toothy grin. I swear I looked Chichester the cat!😂

"Yeah it does Ari" said Nikki with a grin, I just smiled. We girls like to p-a-r-t-y.

"You might like it now, but wait till you see inside" said mom smiling like a little kid on Christmas.

Wow I never thought that would come out of my mother's mouth, not in a million years.  😨😱😱

"Okay......" I said still in stock.😱

"Stop scaring them with your party chattering" said my dad through the phone, probably looking straight into my mum eyes.

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