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HICKEY / prologue

I have to admit that being a teenager was so much better when you're always sneaking out late to go to parties. It made going to the party more exciting. Sneaking out behind my parents' back might be wrong, but it sure gave me a thrill. Besides, I knew they'd never actually let me go if I asked them. Sneaking out was the next best thing.

The mornings after the parties were a completely different story.

I would have loved to just skip school and sleep all day, but my parents would never let that happen. Neither would my older brother Elliot, who was shaking me awake. Groaning, I untangle myself from my sheets.

"Time to get up," he says in a hushed voice. "Take a shower breakfast. Mom might smell you."

I scrunch up my nose at him.

"How was the party?"

"I don't remember," I mutter, rubbing my tired eyes.

"What time did you get home?"

"I don't remember, okay?"

Elliot holds up his hands defensively. "Okay. No need to be so cranky. Do you have a hangover?"

I love my brother, but his sometimes overprotectiveness just gets annoying. Still, I have to be grateful that he doesn't tell on me. If he wanted to, he could open his mouth any time and our parents would immediately believe him over me, because while I was the one sneaking out late at night to go out and get into trouble, my eighteen-year-old brother was the one who got high grades and hardly ever got into trouble. Talk about getting our roles reversed. He was obviously the one Mom and Dad trusted more.

I don't complain, though, because since my parents trusted him, he could cover for me all the time and they'd still believe him no matter how ridiculous his lies were.

Instead of replying, I just nod my head—which turns out to be a bad idea because then my head starts pounding. I wince in pain. Elliot catches that and shakes his head disapprovingly at me before pausing, doing a double take.


"What?" I snap, getting up to get ready to take a shower.

"What's that on your neck?"

"What do you mean what's on my ne—" As I pass my dresser to grab clothes from my closet, I catch sight of a myself in the mirror, my messy hair, haggard face, and all. I'm still wearing the dress I wore last night. But that's not what catches my attention; it's the violet-ish mark that looked like a bruise on my neck.

Dumbfounded, I turn back to my brother and point at my neck. "What the hell is this?"

"That's my line," he says, sounding amused despite the worried lines on his face. "Where'd you get that?"

"I don't know! But it's probably just a bruise or something."

"No, I don't think it's a bruise." Elliot's eyebrows furrow. "It's a hickey."

"A what?"

"A hickey. A love bite. Whatever you wanna call it. Not a bruise, Eva."

"How the hell did I get it?!" I exclaim, starting to panic.

"Shh!" He shoots me a warning look. "Mom and Dad might hear you!"

But I'm too shocked to care. I mean, sure, I've made out with a fair share of guys before, but none of them have ever left a mark. Certainly not a fucking hickey! I try to remember what exactly happened at the part last night, but my mind comes to a blank. I may have had one too many drinks so the hangover was expected, but but this?

"How the hell did I get this?"

"Only you can answer that," he tells me, heading towards the door. "It looks pretty dark. It's probably gonna last a few days."

Taking a deep breath, I step away from the mirror and head towards my closet.


I look over my shoulder at him. "Hm?"

"Trying wearing something that hides it," he says, smiling tightly. "Mom and Dad might notice it."

"Don't worry," I tell him, already looking through my closet for something that can hide the thing on my neck. "I don't want anyone from school seeing it, either. I'm gonna take a shower now. Meet you downstairs later."

He nods before turning away, closing the door as he went.

I let out a long, heavy sigh. On the outside I was trying to keep my cool and not freak out in front of Elliot, knowing he'd worry, but on the inside I was in complete panic mode. How could I have let some guy I didn't even remember give me this?

I'm pretty sure I hadn't gotten hurt or anything. I didn't feel anything over than the pain in my temples so whoever gave me this didn't do anything out of line. But still, that was the burning question in my mind. Who gave me this? Was it some random dude from the party last night? But oddly, I wasn't worried about that. I mean, sure, it was stupid of me to hook up with someone—and even more idiotic if it was a complete stranger—and not remember it the next day, but I was sure me and this mysterious guy didn't do more than make out. I was actually more worried about it being someone I knew, someone my brother knew.

My older brother didn't exactly approve of me sneaking out all the time, but he still helped me because I asked him to. Now, I'm not so sure. Elliot may have acted cool about it earlier, but I knew he was worried and I don't know what he would do if he finds out who this guy was.I just hope it wasn't a friend of his or anything.

But there was one thing I knew; I had to find out who gave me this hickey.

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