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January 10, 2015

*Desiree's POV*

"Charlie! Dawson! Jonah! Brayan (A/N: pronounced like grey-in, but with a "b" and not a "g": Brayan. Not Brian)!" I yelled up the stairs while in Brayan and Dawson's basement. They were twins. The four boys said they wanted to take a five-minute-break from practicing so they could get some snacks. I should've never gone along with it. I knew it was going to be more than five minutes. It had already been fifteen minutes.

One by one, they came running down the stairs, shoving the rest of whatever they were eating into their mouths. They mumbled, with their mouths full, "sorry" as they walked by me to their instruments.

"Come on, guys. Be more mature. Dawson and Brayan, you'll be nineteen in five days. Charlie, you turned twenty on the seventeenth of November. Jonah, you're about eighteen and a half now since you turned eighteen last July, on the second. You guys all need to be more mature," I rolled my eyes as they got their instruments ready. They apologized before we began to practice.

We played through a few of our songs, which were getting really good. We had about four gigs booked within the next week. Then, the week after that, we had six. I was getting excited about the band taking off a little.

I was the lead singer, and I sometimes played guitar. Dawson played drums, Charlie played keyboard, Brayan played lead guitar, and Jonah played bass.

Charlie was my brother, so I pushed him around a little more than the others. Our band, A4dable Affair, came together when Charlie and some of his friends began to play together. They wanted a lead singer, so they asked me. Dawson came up with the name, and we've been a band ever since.

Usually, we had at least two gigs a week. Sometimes, we'd have up to eight if we had multiple gigs on Saturday or on Friday nights. We were all out of school now, so it was easier to practice and to go to gigs. We had more time now that we were all out of school.

I'm the second youngest in the band, being born April 10, 1996. Charlie's birthday was November 17, 1994, Dawson and Brayan's birthday was January 15, 1996, and Jonah's birthday was July 2, 1996.

I loved all four boys to death. They were always there for me. We listened to a lot of the same bands, and we disliked all of the same bands. One of the bands that none of us liked was 5 Seconds of Summer.


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