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I had spent a lot of my teenage years searching for my soulmate. My necklace, that supposedly matched my soulmate's necklace, was a weird shape. I had no idea how anyone could have the other half of it.

I lived in California, and every time I would travel towards the west part of the state, my necklace would get slightly warmer than usual. When I would go to the southwest part of the state, it would get even more warm. That gave me a feeling that my soulmate lived in either Hawaii, New Zealand, or Australia.

I had gotten really excited whenever I figured that out. I had always wanted to meet my soulmate. I didn't know when I would, however. I didn't know if I would. For all I know, my soulmate could be dead, and their necklace could be hanging in relative's room as a remembrance of my soulmate.

One night, my necklace was oddly warm when I went to sleep. I wasn't sure what that was about. It seemed weird to me, though. My necklace had never been that warm.

The next morning, when I woke up, my necklace was hot, really hot. It was still getting hotter, so I had to make sure my shirt was in between my skin and my necklace so I wouldn't get burnt. That's when I realized that my soulmate was coming to look for me, or he was just nearby.


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