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My cell phone rang, vibrating in my pocket. Unknown number; the phone rang. I immediately answered after realizing it was my best friend. "Turn on the news on your TV!" I could hear her voice crack as she spoke. "Why?" I asked confused. I could tell by the way she was speaking that she was crying. "Just do it." She growled. I quickly grabbed the clicker from the coffee table and clicked ...through the channels, finally making it to the news. "We go to a live video of One Direction." The newscaster inhaled and exhaled. I felt my pulse gain speed. I could feel the blood in my veins pump through my body. The camera changed and suddenly the five boys I loved were on my screen. My eyes glued, watching every movement, every little detail. They sat on the steps where the video diaries from the X-Factor were filmed. Harry speaks first. "Hello!" He yells. Louis laughs. "We.." He pauses. "Are.." Niall cheers. "One.." Liam smiles. "Direction!" Zayn shouts. I instantly grew a smile, grinning from ear to ear. "We have some very important news today." Liam wiped a tear off the corner of his eye. "We've decided-" Louis couldn't speak. He frozen under upset ness. I could tell he didn't want to say another word. "We-" Harry tried to help him, but had the same problem. "One Direction are.." Niall sobbed, putting his face in his hands. His cries grew louder and louder. "It's time for us to settle down. We love all our fans so much, but we can't do this forever." Zayn's speckled brown eyes shone in the camera's light. "We've had a great time. The best years of our lives," Louis tried to smile but he was still drowning in tears. "But it's now time to let someone else give it a try." Harry added. "W-we love o-our fans with all our hearts, we couldn't t-thank you enough." Liam stuttered. "We want you all to know we love you. We've had probably the best experiences in the world. Without all of you, we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't have been best friends. We love you all and always will." Niall said painfully. "Maybe we can have a comeback?" Louis laughed. "But for now, we are taking a break." Liam tried to sooth the boys. "We'll never forget how much you've done for us. And we are eternally grateful. There isn't any better fanbase then our directioners. Please, don't forget us or give up. You are beautiful and keep smiling." Harry's dimples peaked out form his cheeks. "Good-bye. We are One Direction." They cried, salted tears streaming down all their bright red faces. Their smiles had disappeared into the darkness. Their light of sunshine had hidden behind the clouds. And my chest ached. My heart broke, I broke. I cried until I couldn't breathe. I felt my lungs sting and my chest grasp onto me for air. One Direction had broken up. And there wasn't one thing I could do about it. My favorite band had broken up. My heart broke into a million pieces. </3

 I wrote this to let you all know that if we continue with the hate, this is going to happen. Stop the hate before One Direction break up. You aren't just hurting their loved ones. You're hurting them and the fandom. STOP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

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