《Chapter 14》

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[Name] and Nagisa stood in front of Takaoka, their former teacher, with cull, anger, and hatred in their eyes. Karasuma sensei and the rest of Class E just stood across the building, looking at them worriedly. Especially Karma. He felt guilty for what he said to the her earlier. You can see that Nagisa looked beaten up by Takaoka. But [Name] was she still okay; she had no bruise from Takaoka.

Few hours before...

Finally Class E arrived at Okinawa where they will assassinate their teacher, Korosensei. Karasuma sensei asked them to prepare everything they needed to assassinate Korosensei tonight. Some students were going to their hotel room, some were enjoying the scenery, and the rest of them prepared for the 'event'.

Everyone looked busy with their own jobs. But not for [Name]. After she took off from the ship, she looked around the island and had a weird feeling. But she couldn't figure it out.

She went to her hotel room and opened her laptop that she brought——with no one knowing. Ritsu appeared on her phone and looked at what [Name] just did.

"Why don't you just take your time off and have fun? There's still some time left before the assassination starts." [Name] smiled without looking at Ritsu, still on her laptop.

"I'm taking my time now, Ritsu. I just felt something off about this island and I need to find out what that is."

"But you are making Karasuma sensei and Bitch sensei suspicious of you."

"Just let them be. I almost have complete access to the hotel's main computer. I need more time to complete it——and get all the data I need."

"So you're still hacking, huh? Looks like you can't stop your habits." I chuckled.

"Well, that's [Name] for you. You won't tell anyone about it, right?"

"Don't worry! Your secret is safe."

Then someone knocked on her room door. [Name] let that person come in. Before that, she closed her laptop and hid it.

[Name] sighed as she saw who came to visit her. "What are you doing here? Don't you need to make preparations for the assassination?" Karma showed her his famous smirk.

"And how about you? Just sleeping around the room?"

"Mind your own business."

"And you're my business now." [Name] froze at what he said.

"Yah! Stop making fun of me! I'm busy now. If there isn't anything you want to talk about right now, just go away." [Name] pushed Karma away from the door and shoved it shut. She railed on the door and sighed. "He shouldn't know about it. No one should know."

[Name] laid on the bed and closed her eyes. She decided to rest for awhile and continued what she left before. But will everything be right?


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