Ariana Grande Facts: Destined for Stardom

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        Pssstt!! There is a reason why Ariana Grande laugh in one part of her song Popular Song, you can find it at 1:43 part of the song. Find the reason at this Chapter.


Ariana Grande 'Yours Truly' Fun Facts: 5 Things We Learned About the No. 1 Album

        Ariana Grande has given fans just a little more insight into her hit, No. 1 album Yours Truly. A little over six weeks after the album was released, the "Baby I" singer took to her official Twitter account throughout the day yesterday (Oct. 18) to shed some more light on the record and give fans fun facts about most of the tracks on the record.

        From what we can expect from the recently Instagram-teased video for "Right There" to what made Grande laugh in studio, here are five things we learned from the 19-year-old star yesterday about Yours Truly:

1. The Duet That Almost Was...

Grande originally wanted a little added girl power for Yours Truly. The album, which only features male guest artists, almost got an added female touch on one of the tracks.

"I originally wanted #YoullNeverKnow to be a girl power duet w @ddlovato (Demi Lovato) inspired by "the boy is mine" #nextalbummaybe," Grande teased.

2. One Song Was Changed to Be a Little More Family Friendly...

"#BetterLeftUnsaid used to be called #Tipsy... "don't play me, just kiss me" used to be "don't blame me, I'm tipsy," Grande wrote.

Though she gave no reason for the lyrical change, it's very possible it was altered to be more appropriate for the 19-year-old Nickelodeon star.

3. Grande Laughs at Penis Jokes, Just Like the Rest of Us

"#PopularSong when U hear me laugh at 1:43 it was because the producer said 'big floppy penis' in my headphones... Idk why," the almost always composed Grande wrote. But, it's hard not to laugh at a good ol' fashioned dirty phrase.

Oh! That's why Ari laugh during that part.

4. Personal Touches Went Into Speaking Intros and Outros.

Grande said that two moments on her album came from those she loves, a spoken intro and outro highlighted moments from three very special people.

"#HoneymoonAve the 1st voice you hear is my dear friend @LeonThomas. From years of TV to making my 1st album together," she wrote. However, that wasn't all.

"The audio bit you hear at the end of #Daydreamin' is my Nonna and Grandpa telling the story of how they fell in love." Say it together... AWW!

5. The Music Video for "Right There" is on its way... and it was Inspired by a Classic Love Story!

"#RightThere is the next music video & it's Romeo & Juliet themed... Excited! Directed by my favorite @youngastronaut." If the Instagram teases are any indication, the video will surely be a pretty sight to behold!

6. In a Pitch Black Room while recording? Really unusual

"I recorded every song with the lights off (In the Album). I like it to be a pitch black in the booth for some reason"

7. I could write a song with my new piano... It's not hard...

"I still barely know the lyrics to the chorus... Make em up everytime (Piano)

8. I love the way you make me feel... I love it! I love it! OMG!

" "The Way" was the 1st song @harmonysamuels played me when we met. I believe I said "omg it's mine thats the 1st single" "

9. Amazing!!

"When I recorded "Honeymoon Avenue" and "Tattoeed Heart" when I was ill with a skull and lung infection. I'd sing for 10 min. and nap for 20 min."

10. You're the Diva! You can do it!

"Almost is Never Enough" Nathan's riff at 4:39 is my favorite. first time i heard it i spent the whole day trying to sing it"


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