The names Sin and I like to play it innocent, but sometimes I lose my cool, like when my jerk of a mate kidnappers me. Yup you heard me, kidnaps! Ya….I know big mistake. Sins a rebellious rebel who has secrets and things in the past that should be kept in the dark, but somehow there usually brought into the light especially when Damien comes into the picture! Now she’s on the run.

Damien is the alpha of the biggest and most feared pack out their today and it doesn’t stop their… Damien is known to get what he wants when he wants it. He’s charming, but has a dark side especially when he has trouble getting what he wants and that’s Sin.

Okay, I really stink at openings, but please give it a chance!!!8p

Kidnapped by my mate… Big mistake

By, tastemerainbow

Thank You, You Rock8Q

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