Chapter 1

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(A/N: Spoilers for Pacifist and some for Genocide routes on Undertale. Please don't read if you haven't already finished these routes. Also, I do not own any of these characters or pictures for the chapters. This story is based on the game Undertale, which does not belong to me.)
F/C - Favorite color
H/C - Hair color
E/C - Eye color

You wake up, your head is spinning and you try to distinguish your location. You put a hand up to your head, attempting to soothe the massive headache you've gained. You look down and notice that you've landed on golden flowers and thank them for breaking your fall. It suddenly hits you that you've fallen and you look up towards the blue sky. You try to get up but your headache prevents you from such sudden movement. After a couple of minutes of sorting your thoughts, you get up slowly and begin walking around.

"I can barely see anything. How'd I get here?" you mumble to yourself. You begin to remember how the events led up to where you are now, but not much. You walk forward cautiously and begin to explore. Eventually you stumble across a single golden flower, much like the ones you landed on, but with a face..? "Howdy! I'm Flowey the flower!" the flower exclaims. You jump back, your heart pounding. "You aren't from here are you? Don't worry, I'll help you out, friend." it says, studying you. Friend? "Down here, we function on L.O.V.E and E.X.P." Flowey continues.

"I'll help you out." Suddenly you're inside a box with white sides. Four boxes are visible that read: Fight, Act, Item, and Mercy. Your health is also displayed which reads "20/20". You look around until you're accustomed. Weird. Flowey is outside of the box flashing you a sickeningly sweet smile. "Don't you want some L.O.V.E?" You nod. "Of course you do! To get some you have to hit all of the friendliness pellets." Flowey explains.

Sounds easy enough. The pellets begin to move towards your soul, and you dash to collect them all. Your health drops to 1/20 and Flowey looks at you sinisterly. "In this world, it's kill or be killed!" He laughs as the remaining pellets come in closer to finish you off. You shut your eyes and wait for the finishing move, but it doesn't come.

You hesitantly open your eyes and find a female goat staring at you with concern, Flowey is no longer in sight. "Oh my goodness. Are you ok, my child?", she exclaims. Her voice is soft and kind. "U-uh, y-yes" you stutter. "Follow me, my child. I hope you are not hurt." She extends her hand. You hesitate, but take her hand as she smiles warmly at you. She then guides you down two big, dark purple doors.

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