Chapter 16

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It's night and I'm in my room preparing my school bag. I'm really not looking forward to school tomorrow. I don't want to cross paths with Chase again but I know there is no escape. I will have to go school someday or the other. I thump on my bed exhausted and fall into a deep sleep.

I wake quite early and get ready. I then go downstairs and make myself some breakfast. Dad has already left for the hospital and I wish I could go too. I'm soon done and loiter around, not wanting to leave and reach school early. I finally leave at my regular time and get into my car. I don't see Xavier's car in his driveway so that means he has already left. I reach school and park my car. I see Jacob, Bella, and Carly waiting there probably for me. I join them and Jacob flashes me a reluctant smile. We walk silently and I don't like it. I want the usual chatter I have with my friends.

"Guys, why are you all so silent?" I ask and they all stop.

"I know that you guys are worried about me since Chase has returned, but believe me I'll be fine. He can't harm me anymore because I know the truth, unlike last time. And also I know you guys have got my back so I don't think I have anything to frown about. Right?" I say and both Jacob and Bella smile relieved. Carly still looks unsure but in the end, gives me a small smile too.

"I hope he doesn't affect you just like you are saying but if there is anything you come to us, Sam. Okay?" Carly says and I nod reassuringly.

"Yeah. I'll give him a few punches too if he troubles you, Sammy. Don't hesitate to ask the majesty for help." Jacob says jokingly but I know he is serious about the punches thing. Jacob has always been a great and true friend, more like a brother and I look up to him for that.

"Thanks, Jake. I'll keep that in mind," I say and we all walk to our respective classes. As I walk towards my art class, I see Alec walking towards me. When he spots me, he smiles and I do the same. I walk ahead when Alec calls my name. I turn around and he comes to me looking nervous.

"Um hey, Sam. How are you?" He asks.

"I'm good. What about you?" I ask.

"I'm good too. Um... actually I wanted your help." He says I raise my eyebrows in question. He continues tentatively.

"I just um wanted to know, I mean if you could tell me when you guys- I mean you know Bella, Carly and you would be free this week. I thought we could hang out or something." He asks I get the thing. It's about Bella and Alec is just like Jacob.

"Of course. But I don't think you really would want me and Carly to join you and Bella. And also Friday is the perfect day. Carly is going to a movie with Jacob and I'm busy. Bella is free. I'm sure she will hangout with you." I say and Alec smiles sheepishly at me.

"Thanks, Sam. You're the best." He grins and I laugh. I hope he asks Bella and they both go on a date on Friday. Well, only my best friends wouldn't call it a date but it would be date anyways. I grin and my mood lightens. I walk to my Biology class and sit at my usual place. Students file in one by one and my breath hitches when Chase enters too. I am not that surprised. I had somewhere known that I would have to share at least one of my class with my ex-boyfriend. As soon as he enters, some of my gossip-loving, nagging classmates glance at me turning around wanting to see my reaction. Little do they I've already faced him yesterday. I'm taken aback by the fact that people remember about me and Chase. But then, he always acted like I was the one for him.

Chase eyes seem to search for me and he sighs in relief when he spots me. Though I do the opposite and roll my eyes at him. He scrambles up towards my desk and sits on the seat behind mine. Thank God for Sara to be sitting beside me. She has been my partner many times before so we are cool.

"Good morning Sam," Chase says from behind and I lean forward, away from him.

"Sam, please. Why are you ignoring me?" He asks in a desperate voice.

"What we had, our relation, is it not worth of even an explanation?" He tries again and I sigh tiredly. I am very good at ignoring people and Chase knows that. But I also know that he doesn't give up anything easily.

"Come on baby cakes. We were together for more than a year. That long of a time at least deserves an explanation." He says and I glare at him turning back. He seems triumphant by this.

"Why Chase? Why are you doing this? Why can't you leave me alone? Don't feed the gossip wanters here. Please. And what special relation are you talking about? One that never existed? The one that you were playing with right from the beginning? Just drop the act, Chase. I'm not going to be even on talking terms with you no matter what you say. So just stop." I say exasperatedly and he is about to answer when we hear a chorus of 'good morning' for our Biology teacher. I turn back around and remove my pen and note book. I feel a piercing gaze on my back and I know its Chase. His legs hit mine from below the desk and I take my legs forwards, giving him a sideways glare. He still doesn't budge. When I've had enough I stand up on my seat abruptly.

"Excuse me, sir. I have problems with seeing the board from here. May I shift to the front?" I ask my teacher and he nods.

"Yes, Miss.Collins you may." He says curtly and I move on the second bench.

The rest of the class goes by normally and I leave as soon as the lecture ends. But Chase is on my heel soon after I leave the door.

"Sam please wait. Listen out." He says loudly, as I'm walking away from him as fast as I can.

"Please. Stop walking away. I need you to give me one last chance please." Chase says huffing a little, now stepping beside me.

"Babycakes, please. At least once. Please." He says once more and I feel like slamming my palm on his face.

"Shut up Chase. And please stop calling me that. I'm not your baby cakes anymore. Enough is enough. What part of 'I don't want to listen to anything you have to say' do you not understand?Just leave me alone. Stop pestering me." I say and start walking again. He falls into my step again and I sigh in exasperation.

"But Sam you could be my babycak-" He begins but a voice cuts him off.

"Back off Chase Anderson before I punch that beautiful face of yours," Bella says appearing by my side, glaring at Chase.

"Yeah, she is right. Leave Sam alone. She doesn't want to hear your worthless excuses!" Carly adds glaring at him too.

"Bella, Carly! Come on at least you guys should support me. You know how much I love her." Chase says pleadingly. Bella scoffs and Carly rolls her eyes.

"We should support a cheater who left our best friend after making fake promises at a time when she needed him the most. Yeah right!" Bella exclaims and I feel lucky that these girls are my best friends. For perhaps the hundredth time.

"No use talking to him Bells. Let's leave so I can breathe properly." I say and begin walking. Bella and Carly follow me soon after.

We hangout in the college campus for a while because Jacob wanted to know the full encounter we had with Chase. I then directly leave for the hospital. I and dad both will have to return early today as we have to go for the dinner at Mr.West's house. I reach the white and cream colored hospital building and talk to mom for endless hours. Dad comes in the evening and tells me to go home, rest for a while and then get dressed for the dinner.

I reach home and walk up to my room. I see a piece of paper lying in my room and I pick it up. It's a note. From Xavier.

Heya Sammy. See you tonight.

I could almost imagine his smirk while writing the note. It seems more like a confirmation letter than a reminder. But then again, he wouldn't even care if I come or not. Except he wouldn't have anyone to annoy. I change into my home clothes. The comfort is a bliss and then I thump on the bed. Ever since I saw him, my thoughts wander to Chase every now and then. My mind is firm about having nothing to do with him. But my heart is restless. Because no matter how hard I try to deny it, Chase did make me feel like I was the most special girl on the face of the earth. Everything he did was sweet and it was all a heart and flowers kind of relationship. I felt special whenever we used to spend time together. All the little things he did. It was all perfect!

I sigh as I realize my train of thoughts once again trotted to the forbidden place and close my eyes for a short nap.

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