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A/N if you don't know Hoodie Allen, you can change the singer.
I drove to the concert, I was going to see G-eazy & Hoodie Allen. I was super excited, I haven't seen G-eazy or Hoodie Allen in a long time. I finally made it and parked somewhere close. I jumped out and locked my car. There wasn't a whole lot of people there, just a little line was forming. I guess it would be short cause I arrived about five hours early, for not really any reason. I got in the line and went on my phone. I took a selfie of myself and posted it on instagram. I smirked and saw the line had moved forward about ten inches I moved up excitedly. A girl and her small squad walked right in front of me." Um excuse me?" The leading girl with dark blue hair and tattoos all over her body and fake eyelashes turned around." What?" She snapped. I flinched," You kind of cut in front of me. I've been waiting an hour or two in his line. You have to go in the back." Another girl with a G-eazy shirt turned around, jeezus Christ is she even wearing a bra, her boobs are huge and all over the place." This isn't preschool kid. Get out of the line, you're too fucking young for this concert!" They laughed and turned back around to face the crowd. My fave grew red with anger and I clenched my fists. I poked the crazy boobs girl. She turned around," What?" "First of all, I am 25 years old! Second of all, you're too fucking damn old! You're like fucking 50!" "We're actually 33." The blue hair girl said." I don't give two fucks about your ages! You're too old for either of them! So crazy boobs, get the fuck out of this line! And blue hair, get the fuck out too! Go control your friend's boobs, how could you not notice your friend isn't wearing a god damn bra?! I mean seriously, everyone can see that you aren't wearing a bra!" I grabbed some random dude with a Hoodie Allen tattoo on his wrist." Random dude! Is this girl wearing a bra?" "Well I don't know much about no bras and bras, but I could definetly tell she's not wearing one." "OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed. Crazy boobs scoffed and rolled her eyes," Whatever." "Yeah whatever." I was about to start a fight this very moment." YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK YOU!!! I GIVE UP! I CAME ALL THIS WAY TO SEE G-EAZY AND HOODIE ALLEN! BUT GUESS WHAT I GET INSTEAD?!!! I GET CRAP FROM YO-" "Hey calm down mam." I looked over and saw a dude with long curly hair and glasses." Who are you?" "I'm Mike." He smiled and locked a curl behind his ear." I'm (Y/N)." I smiled." You're pretty." I blushed," Oh why thank you." "Yep. What's the problem between you two?" He asked." This squad walked right in front of me even though I have been waiting at least two hours in this stupid line. He nodded," Oh. Well sorry girls but, I need you to get to the back of the line please." "Psh, why would we listen to your ugly face?" The blue hair girl asked. Mike looked at them," Girls, get to the end of the line now please." "No way!" A different girl said with dark brown hair that was in a messy bun." *sighs* I have to call security on you if you don't go to the back of the line now." He said and pulled out a walky talky." Wait, you're G-" He looked at me in the eyes and winked." My name is MIKE. I told you to go to the back of the line." I slapped my hand over my mouth and fangirled. The girls stomped off, but The security got them and made them go home. We both laughed," Thank you "MIKE". You really are sweet." He smiled and I mouthed 'i love you'. He winked and whispered," I have to go get ready, see you in about two hours!" I smirked and hugged him before he left.
~~concert time!!!~~
It was finally the concert and I heard my favorite song, Me myself and I. I screamed and ran forward, G-eazy winked at me and we made eye contact half the time. He smirked and we danced.
"Alright guys, let's all take an awesome picture for instagram!" We cheered and I threw up a piece sign with my fingers. He jumped into the crowd and stood by me," Hey." I bit my lip and waved. He chuckled and ran back up, someone ran onto the stage and took a couple sick pictures." Alright thanks guys!" He took his phone and took a Snapchat," This concert is fucking awesome! Thank you guys so much! I love you all and I'm so greatful." The Snapchat ended and he put it on his story. He quickly made Hoodie Allen sing a song. G-eazy put on a different disguise and ran off stage secretly. He walked to me and said," Hello. Sorry you're just so beautiful I just couldn't hold it anymore." I tilted my head sideways confused," Hold wh-" He smashed his lips to mine. I blushed and almost fainted. Gerald Earl Gillum was kissing me, Oh my god I think I'm about to die. Well I should at least enjoy this moment and then die later. He pulled back slowly," I love you." "I love you too."

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