"Your new assistant is here Mr. Alsina" Miss White said from the front deck through the speakers

"Ok thank you miss White send her up right away" I said thinking about who my lovely mother choose to be my new "assistant". She better bring her a-game and always keep her a-game.

I then heard a light knock on my door

"Come on in" I said bring out my New Orleans accent

Then walks in a really professional big woman with some black Louis Vuitton heels on and a grey woman suit on. I stood up to greet her......

"Nice to meet you and Congratulations on being my new assistant" I said while shaking her hand

"Well thank you Mr. Alsina its a pressure becoming your assistant" She said while smiling up at me

Wow her smile was radiant and she had a beautiful and flawless face.

"Well my name is Jennifer Ingland I'm 22 and fresh of the market" She said in her lady baritone voice

Dam never knew a lady with a lil bass in her voice would sound so sexy ! It fit her professional image and everything. Check one !

"Nice to know" I said in my professional voice

I then began to show her the ropes of what she'll be doing and tell her to watch out for my family who comes up here a lot.

I went back to my office after giving her a tour and was working on some files and listen to some music I made while I was in the studio one night. My deepest secret and gift was that I could sing.

It's was my under discovered gift from God.

After hours of changing and setting up meets with important people I decide to go home to my three little munchkins.

I went to the company parking lot where my car was but I heard sobbing coming from a car across from mine. I then step by the drivers window and knocked on the window to see my new assistant sitting there crying her eyes out.

"Ummm is everything alright" I said with concern in my voice

"Yes-ss I just broke a nail" She said quickly wiping her face

I chuckled at her tempting way to lie to me not wanting to say the real reason.

" I know it's your car Miss Ingland ... let me guess it won't start" I said looking into her dark brown eyes

"Yes and I need to get home before midnight" She said

" Alright well just ride with me I'll take you home and then tomorrow while your working get a mechanic to work on your car how does that sound" I said hoping to cheer her up

"Umm sure ok" She said while smiling

Getting out the car she grabed her purse and brief case and keys

I then walked to my car and on the passage side I opened the door for her.

She got in and I got in on my side and started the car.

" So are you going to tell me where you live" I said while backing out the parking lot

" Umm oh right" She said then she gave me the directions to her house

I got to her house and she got out while thanking me once again.

" It's my pleasure " I said while kissing her hand

Woah ! I didn't mean to do that but I looked up to see her frozen and tensed up at my gesture

She then snapped back and just closed the door and I then was on my way home...........



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