The Sandlot Benny x Reader #1

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A/N: You are the younger sister of Phillips just by a day 

Squints' P.O.V

"Come on Benny the kid is a L-7 wennie!" I told benny.

"I don't ca-" Benny got interrupted by ham.

"Guys I smell trouble" ham said.

Ugh great Philips is here.

"Hey sandlot losers" Philips said. His gang laughed.

Benny's P.O.V

When Philips and his gang started laughing i saw a cute girl who was not laughing but she was glaring at Philips. "Philips that was rude" she said. "(Name) why are you standing up for those losers?" Philips asked the girl who I now know as (Name). "Well I'm not mean like you are Philips". (Name) answered walking towards us. "Why is she standing up for us?" I whispered to Smalls, he just shrugged in return. "Whatever" Philips said then he left. I saw (Name) sigh and walked to the table and sat down with her head in her hands. 

Yeah yeah's P.O.V

I saw (Name) sit down at the table so I walked over to her and asked her what was wrong. "It's my brother, he's being mean to you 24/7 and I just hate that.

Benny's P.O.V

I'm getting jealous so I calmly walked over to them and kissed (Name) on the lips roughly.....

To be continued 

A/N: so how was my first x reader? Did you like it? I'll try to update everyday. If you have any ideas plz tell me, I'll try my best on them!

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