Chapter 48

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Monday morning at school was really awkward. Jenna had returned, after about three weeks in the hospital, and Matt was about to break up with Laura. I passed her in the corridor, and all I could do was snigger slightly.

I also had to tell Emily not to put the protein powder in Laura’s morning coffee, for I had nothing really to hold against her anymore. Although I didn’t really think that Emily would want to stop there.

I sauntered slowly into first lesson, late, which was music. We didn’t have a teacher, and a new teacher was yet to be hired. But all I could think about was Brian. I knew that Matt was going to see him sometime, but I felt slightly responsible.

Emily seemed down about it too, but as soon as she saw me approaching, she brightened up and summoned me to my seat.

“Charlotte, Charlotte I got the powder!” she giggled before reaching down into her bag and pulling some of it out to show me proudly.

I looked at her. “Em,” I began, “I don’t really think that we should be doing that anymore” I warned. And then I realised that if Matt and I were to work I shouldn’t tell anyone that we were dating. It was all too risky.

“Well,” I teased as she tried to convince me with facial expressions to let her carry on with it. “Matt told me this weekend that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore.”

Her face widened and her mouth dropped open. “Oh my GOD!” she exclaimed. “Are you serious?” “Ah man that’s awesome. Did anything happen between you?”

I shook my head. “No” I lied. I felt guilty lying to them again, but I really didn’t want to risk it. After everything between Vicki and Brian, I’m sure it wouldn’t be taken lightly.

The slightest suspicion and we would be monitored. And on top of that, if we were caught, I doubted that the judge would be so lenient a second time round.

“But anyway, Emily listen to me. This is important. Please don’t put that in Laura’s drink!” I could tell by her face that she was disappointed, but I didn’t really feel like doing anything.

“Awh, well can’t I at least do something?” she begged. “Please. I really hate that woman after we overheard the conversation. Please?”

Reminded of the conversation we overheard, I was slightly compelled to do something. But what I didn’t know.

“Well do you have anything else in mind?” I asked half-heartedly. I wanted to do something, but I just didn’t know if we should have been doing anything.

“Well actually, I brought some laxatives in my bag and thought maybe we could use them or something and-”

I looked at her. “Emily, you are a genius. Seriously why didn’t we just think of that in the first place?!” I joked as she sat upright, proudly in her seat.

“It just sort of came to me” she laughed. “So can we at least do that?” she begged subtly.

I nodded.

Just as we began to laugh about it more, and plan it out, the bell rang to signify next lesson. We were in art, which meant that it would be the ideal time to put the laxatives in her drink. I knew how immature it was, but I really didn’t care.

All I could think about was Matt.

“Hey,” Emily whispered to me as we sat in our seats, trying to plan out how to drop it in to her coffee without gaining unwanted attention. “You think Jenna will talk to us?”

I looked over to Jenna, who was sitting alone and staring into space.

“Nope” I responded plainly. “I highly doubt it.”

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