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Pretty much everyone we knew were still buzzing about the new couple.

"I'll be your maid of honor at the wedding, won't I?" Annabeth asked Percy. "I better be."

"I'll be Jason's best man, aye?" Leo said, nudging me.

"What? No! Piper is my maid of honor." I said. "I promised her, didn't I?"

"That, you did. And you better remember." Piper said.

"But I thought I was your best buddy!" Leo exclaimed.

"That's where you're wrong, little man." Piper said.

As the group argued, I glanced at my brand new boyfriend. I was dying to be alone with him. He was sitting between Annabeth and Frank, laughing at something he had said. He was so happy. I felt my heart beat against my chest.

Piper kicked my leg.

"Ow! What was that for?" I exclaimed, rubbing where she had kicked it.

"You're staring." She informed.


"You love him a lot, don't you?" She sounded worried. I knew what she was thinking.

"Later. We can talk about that later." I muttered so only she could hear.

She nodded and turned to Annabeth and resumed chatting energetically about a show they both watched religiously.

I sighed and rested my cheek on my palm. "Why are you lookin' so glum, Grace?" I looked up to see Leo grinning at me. "You got a boyfriend! Soon we'll have Jercy children!"

I shook my head. "No, I'm good." I gazed at Percy and smiled inwardly.


Piper was deep in thought, stirring her coffee. I waited patiently for her to speak.

"So you're really not going to tell your dad?"

I shook my head.

"But that can't continue on forever."

"It won't. In a year, I can move out. I'll go to college. I won't have to deal with him."

She looked worriedly at her coffee. I held mine tighter. "Less than a year, now... But just because you move out, doesn't mean you're no longer a part of his family,"

"Piper," I said. "You know how my dad is.

"I know, I know..."

I stared at my coffee.

"I'm sorry, Jason," She said, not meeting my eyes. "I guess we're friends with broken families."

I knew what she meant. Pain was something we all had in common. And I mean all of us.

"That's why we're each other's family, Jason." Piper said. "Whatever happens... We'll be here for you."

I nodded, my throat trying to force my tears down so I couldn't speak.


I opened the door.

"Jason where have you been?" My dad barked from the living room.

"I was eating lunch with some friends."


I tried to think of some friends that are presentable. "Reyna and uh, Frank and Hazel."

He nodded. "Are you dating Reyna?"


"You should. She is okay."

I didn't say anything. I didn't mention that she was at the boarding school with Thalia now. Or that she was dating Thalia.

"How are your grades?"


I was to be a perfect son.


I hated football, but I was good at it. My dad always expected me to play for it since he did when he was in school.

"I have practice this Tuesday."


I climbed up the stairs and headed to my room. I closed the door and sat down.

And stared at the wall blankly.

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