chapter 1

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Kate's POV:

As I wake up to my annoying alarm clock I get ready for the day to come and for school

I decided to ware my white convers and light wash skinny jeans and a crop top

As I make my way down stairs I see my mom making breakfast"good morning mom" I say"good morning butter cup"she says "are you hungry"she counties "yes can I have those pancakes"I say

After I'm done eating I go to the bus stop where I been going for the past year of my life,as the bus pulled up I get in and I was off to school

When the bus gets to school I see my friends waiting for me

"Hey Cristy and john"I say as I approach them "hey "they both say in unison

End of school

As I walk to my locker I get my stuff and I walk out side,I see my friends waiting for me in cristy 's car but today I just want to walk so o go over to them "hrt I'm going to walk for today I have a lot of stuff on my mind"I say "yeah its okay see you tomorrow"Cristy says as she drives of I walk to my hide out

What y I didn't want to go in the car is because today marks the third year of my fathers death he died from murder they still don't know who did it bit the police gave up already so I kind of did too.

As I'm walking I hear what sounds like people talking in the distance as I see two boys that look the same and are in the 20 or are teens

"Where do we hide the body"one says(Ethan)"I don't know like we should put it in a river or something"the other say(Grayson)

As I listen I can feel my heart beat out of my cheast as I step on a tree branch and it makes a 'crake' sound that echo's through the woods

                    Grayson's POV:

Today Ethan and me went to the wood to hide the person body that didn't get me my money on time

As me and Ethan we talking to where were going to hide the body we heard a crake sound from behind a tree as we got closer I see the most beautiful girl ever.
Hello sorry this chapter was a little boring the next chapter is going to be better👍👑

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