Chapter 41

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Parking the car outside of my brother's apartment building, I inhale, reaching down for my purse. Tristan climbs out of the drivers side and walks around, opening my door for me.


He nods, shutting it behind me. He wraps an arm around my shoulder, pressing his lips to my hair comfortingly as we walk up the steps slowly. When we step into the building, I raise a brow, finding Andre sweaty and on his knees by the open elevator with a maintenance man.

"Andre?" I utter unsurely. He looks back in shock and chuckles, standing slowly. "What are you doing?"

He wipes his hands on his worn down jeans, rolling his eyes. "The damn elevator is broken. We can't figure out what's wrong."

I shake my head fondly, looking over at Tristan. "This is Tristan."

Andre nods, reaching out to take his outstretched hand. "Hey, man. How's it goin'?"

"Good, good... Do you mind if I take a look?"

I look up at the man next to me in confusion, as does my brother.

"... You know about elevators?"

"Yeah, a few things. I used to be into mechanics when I was younger."

Andre chuckles, amused by that obviously. "Uh, yeah, then- sure."

I watch as Tristan walks to the elevator doors and begins talking to the man by the box. I look at Andre and shrug, grinning.

"Did you order the pizza yet? I'm starving,"

"Yeah, it should be here any second."

"Good... How are you?"

"Sweaty and cranky. There are a lot of steps to climb, just an FYI."

"Oh Jesus. Let's just hope they can get it started soon."

My heart jumps to my throat as Tristan sits down onto the floor, moving into the elevator. I walk to the elevator, grimacing as he keeps one foot firmly on the metal ladder on the side and the other on top of the elevator car. This does not look safe.


He holds his hand out for a wrench and grins, looking up at me. "Baby, just go upstairs."

I press my lips together and he chuckles, squinting at something inside the shaft.

I shake my head, forcing myself away. "Men."

Andre laughs, gesturing me up the stairs. "Go on up. I'll stay down here."

"Okay... Make sure he's safe, alright?"

"I heard that."

I grin at the sound of Tristan's echoed voice and start up the very long, very steep stairs.

Twenty minutes later, I look up from the TV as Tristan and Andre come through the door, both holding pizza. I smile wide at Tristan's mussed up, sexy handyman look. They're both laughing, obviously getting along which makes me ecstatic.

Andre disappears into the kitchen to get the beers and unable to help myself, I walk up to Tristan who's setting down the pizzas on the table and wrap my arms around his stomach, resting my chin against his back.

"Hello," he murmurs sweetly.

"You look hot," I reply, running my hands over his indented abdomen. "All dirty and sweaty..."

He chuckles. "You're walking on dangerous ground, baby."


"Because you're about to be the reason we leave here for the hotel early."

I bite my lip, surprised by how aroused I am by him right now. I don't know if it's the fact that he's won over my closest family member or his bad boy appearance but all I know is I want him... As soon as I can.

"I'm okay with that."

Andre comes back out and I detach from Tristan, still smiling.


My body slams hard into the wall next to our suite door as Tristan's lips collide roughly with mine. I moan as his hand traces the curve of my hip, spreading out over my backside. Tristan opens the door with one hand and I giggle as we shuffle into the hotel room, not bothering to turn on the lights.

I shriek happily as he picks me up and deposits me onto the bed. He removes my heels and I hear them drop on the floor. He moves above me, with only the moon to light the room. I gasp as his mouth caresses my throat and his tongue travels warm and tantalizing down my neck towards my breasts.

His hands are perfectly rough as he pulls down my shirt, exposing one of them to his waiting mouth.

"Oh god," I whisper, grasping his head as his teeth graze my nipple softly, making it pucker in arousal. His hands are on the hem of my shirt and I sit up enough to get it over my head. He moves to the other breast, sucking softly as his fingers work on my jeans.

He pulls on them, taking my thong along with them and I chuckle breathlessly as they slide down with difficulty because of how tight they were on my thighs. I hear them too fall onto the ground before I see the dark shape of him straighten and begin to remove his clothes.

Naked in the soft moonlight, he stands, sure of himself, dazzling me. I reach out for him but he grasps my hands, settling them beside my head fast. His mouth is soft on mine and it's as if he's exploring my lips with his. Our tongues meet, dancing perfectly off of each other.

When his lips leave mine, I'm gasping. His hands detach and travel down my body gently. I bite my lip in anticipation, smiling. When I feel his warm breath on my inner thigh, I convulse, which only makes his spread my legs wider.

His mouth is a wonder, tonguing me fast and expertly into an orgasm. I tremble as his lips press to my thigh softly and he moves up, grabbing me in the darkness. I settle above him, grasping his shoulders as he moves against the headboard.

More than ready for him, I descend onto him slowly, unable to help the fact that my mouth gapes open as my body adjusts to his size. His hands are strong on my back as I rise and fall slowly, moving at his rhythm.

I kiss him with a smile, closing my eyes as he moans softly against my mouth.

"I never want to stop," he utters, spreading his hands through my blonde locks.

I nod, gasping, completely concurring with his statement. "We have all night."

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