The Castle of Aberdeen

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The above picture is Kendra.

I moaned as the blaring whine of my alarm woke me. I pushed myself up and tapped my phone to make the noise stop, then slumped back into my pillows as blissful silence reached my ears.

But it was short lived.

A thunderous pounding shook my bedroom door. "Oi! Kendra, wake up!" a deep voice bellowed.

"Go away, Jack!" I moaned.

"Come on! Ma made breakfast for ya!"

"Let me sleep you bloody ingrate." I growled halfheartedly.

Jack chuckled, "Be ready in five minutes, lass, or I'm coming back to get ya." Then the thumps of his heavy footsteps faded away.

I sighed and pulled myself out of my comfortable bed. I pulled on the flowing light blue dress Ma had insisted I wear today. It was very simple, with fabric flowing from shoulder straps down to just past my knees, and a white sash tied around my waist. For shoes, I grabbed a pair of silver flats.

I was preparing to apply makeup when the door burst open and a large figure filled the frame. Thick muscled arms, long legs, and wide shoulders made him tower over everything. Short cropped black hair covered his head and a goatee framed his big grinning mouth, his hazel-green eyes glittered evilly.

"Time's up!" Jack bellowed with a grin and grabbed me, tossing me over his shoulder like a kidnap victim.

I pounded at his back as I laughed and shrieked. "Put me down you great lummox!"

"I ain't gonna let my own sister be late to her birthday!" He laughed as he went down the stairs. "It's not gentlemanly."

I snorted, "A gentleman? You? That's a laugh."

"Oh, shut your gob, Goldie Locks." Jack teased and started tickling my side, making me squeal.

"Make me, Teddy Bear!" I giggled as I kicked and tried to get away from him.

"Jackson Edgar McLane!" A stern voice barked from the kitchen doorway. "Put your sister down this instant!"

Jack paled and set me down gently on my feet. I straightened my dress before I was enveloped by a warm, caring hug.

I looked up at my mother and smiled. Thick brown hair pulled back in a fat braid down her back, her hazel eyes kind and loving. She was plump and pear shaped with an ample bosom but I loved her all the more.

She smiled and kissed my forehead before releasing me. "Happy birthday Kendra."

I sighed, "Ma, you know how I feel about my birthday."

"Nonsense!" She quipped and led me into the kitchen that was perfuming the air with delicious scents. "Everyone deserves to celebrate the day they were born. Not every day a girl turns twenty-five."

"I think you're daft to hate your birthday," Jack said as he came in behind us and sat next to me.

I rolled my eyes. "I don't hate it, it's just never a good day for me. Odd things happen and it never turns out well." I poured myself a cup of tea while Ma shuffled around the kitchen. "Did Papa leave already?" I asked her.

"Aye, but I told him you'd be home for supper so he can wish you a happy birthday then."

I frowned, "Ma, I never said I was coming home for dinner."

Ma turned to give me a stern look with her eyebrow raised, "I beg your pardon?"

I bit my lip and looked away, "Sorry Ma, 'course I'm coming for dinner!"

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