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“Maeb,” I breathed her name as I kissed down her neck and my hands pulled her closer to me.   I hated to be away from her but too often it was necessary.  Gawd after all this time I still wanted her so much.   My fingers went to the laces on her dress and I felt the urgent need to free her from her clothing and fast.


OK, so that wasn’t a groan of lust nor was it a whisper of encouragement.  What could I do to change that?

“Jonathan, we have guests.”

Damn.  What was the point of being King if I couldn’t make love to my wife whenever I wanted to?   And ohh yes, I wanted to, I wanted to right now!


I suppose that means I should stop.  Damn. 

“I am sure they can entertain themselves for a little while,” I could hear the hope in my voice.

I deep chuckle brought my eyes away from my wife’s ample bosom. 

Ahh, so when she said we had guests, she meant here and now.  Damn.

“Brother, good to see nothing changes!”

“Thomas, Good to see you too, now go away.”

“Jonathan!” Maeb gasped but I could see the smile she was fighting.

“Maeb,” I whinned like a child and pouted just a little, “Haven’t you missed me?”   I pulled her hips back to mine so that she had no doubts just how much I had missed her.

“You have been gone one night.”

She was blushing.   I loved it when I made her blush.  Ohh yeah, I loved it a lot.  I edged her closer to the door.  There were four steps from the other side of that door to the bed.  I knew.  I had counted them many times.

“Thomas and Fleur are big people now, they can amuse themselves,” I pulled her now determined to make it to the bedroom and fast.

“Mummy!  Callum pulled my hair!” 

I turned to the voice.  A flash of auburn hair and a squeal of “Daddy,” was the only warning I had as the skinny arms wrapped around my neck so tightly that they threatened to cut off my air supply. 

“Daddy, you’re home!”

“Princess,” I coughed as I caught her. 

At the same time Maeb escaped.  I caught my breath.  I had no hope now.  There was no greater weapon than my children.  They defeated me every time.

“Daddy, can you pleeeaaasssse send Callum to the gallows or have him banished or something?”

“Aine!” Maeb gasped, “That is very unladylike of you.  And what are you wearing?”

The squirming girl in my arms rolled her eyes theatrically, “Daddy, Mummy’s says I have to wear a dress today.  She said that I have to sit around the house rather than practice with the boys.  It’s not fair.  I don’t want to be a girl!”

I smiled at Maeb as I watched the frustration crease her beautiful face.  Aine was so much like her mother, too much like her.  She had me wound around her little finger.  Whereas little Gracey was more like her namesake.  However that didn’t mean I could resist her.  I was a slave to my daughters.

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