Chapter 22: The Strongest Bond Part 2 (M)

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(Music is Set on this Chapter. Begin at START and let it finish. The track is Final Fantasy X -  Road to Zanarkand)

 Saku stood ready to fight, now no longer a part of the shadow league as the person whom he loved now laid motionless on the floor behind him. Saku's aura was different mostly in colour as the centre was red but turned blue towards the edges. Kieran was also bathed in an aura of bright orange "Now...the real challenge begins. It's a shame though...this could be my last fight. Well...let's get started!" Kieran began by throwing several balls of fire to which Saku just stepped out of the way.

Saku than ran forward straight at Kieran who responded by swishing his arm forming a large wall of flame to rise from the floor. Saku than raised his arms forming a red energy ball and shot it at the base of the flames opening a gap to Kieran. Saku then jumped through the gap and punched Kieran backwards with a solid punch.

Kieran hit the floor hard tumbling until he stopped flat on his back. Then as he looked up Saku was already jumping down on him with an outstretched fist. Kieran quickly made a circle with his thumb and index finger and blew strong flames through it. Saku quickly covered himself with his arms getting blown backwards by the flames. Kieran leaned backwards and bounced to his legs while Saku landed on his feet.

Kieran looked at Saku "'s as I thought. That red aura of yours mimics the nature of fire, which explains why you've been so resistant to my flame. Although the blue one...I have no idea"

"If that's what you say" said Saku "Give up Kieran otherwise it's pointless continuing"

"not a chance!" said Kieran "I still have a few tricks up my sleeve"

"I also have my secret weapon...but if I use or lose it'll definitely be my last fight" Kieran tensed his arm and open hand.

Kieran then raised his arm up bringing up a column of fire from directly under Saku. Saku however flipped backwards and began evading countless columns of fire by running around and between them. Saku than began running to Kieran, side-stepping columns of flame but Kieran with a grin "I don't think so" Kieran swiped his arm making a thick wall of flame appear directly in-front of Saku.

Saku was caught off-guard by the wall of flame and found it very hot. As Saku moved backwards the wall of flame suddenly surrounded him. Kieran than crossed his arms causing the flames to cross and collide at the centre. Kieran looked quite pleases "even if you're resistant, even you can't withstand all these flames at once" Kieran then felt a presence behind him

"let's see if that theory applies to you as well" before Kieran could even turn around he felt himself sent flying towards his own columns of fires, going through them and coming out the other side and landing on the ground with smoke ebbing off him.

Kieran began to get up as his own columns of fire simply dissipated. Kieran looked towards where he was stood to see Saku with his leg swung out. Saku put his leg back down while Kieran began to get up. Kieran grinned "You's a shame. I really wanted you to partner with us"

"This sound like more of a personal thing Kieran" said Saku

"Oh well it doesn't matter now" said Kieran taking off his jumper and throwing it away "by the end of this match...only one of us will be alive" Aureline noted his choices his words as did Saku

"don't you mean...walking away?" said Saku "That's what most villains say in this situation" Kieran crossed his arms over his chest and bent forward slightly

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