thirty seven - olivia pov

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"justin, olivia, kendall, this way!" paparazzi yelled at us, as we walked out of terminal.

justin grabbed my hand, as i kept my head down. it was late, and i was exhausted.

"you okay, baby?" justin asked, pulling me close to his side as we walked towards baggage claim.

i nodded and smiled, as a few fans called our names and we of course stopped, taking a few pictures.

we finally made it to baggage claim. grabbing our things, and hopping in the back of kendall's driver's car, she asked him to take us to her place. kendall invited justin and i to stay with her for about a month and a half so we could all become closer. my roommate / ex-best friend and i had a fallout, and since her name is on the apartment papers, that's where she is staying, until she goes to college in a month and a half. thank god.

"i'm so excited to be here, especially with you," justin said, placing his hand on my thigh and kissing my cheek.

"goals!" kendall screeched, as the flash from her phone lit up the backseat.

"ken," i rolled my eyes. "stop recording us," i laughed as she posted it to her snapchat story.

a few minutes later, we pulled up to her place, and justin was in awe.

"damn, kendall, nice place," he said as kendall thanked him.

kendall gave justin a tour around her house, as i raided her fridge. typical me.

i sat at the bar she had, and ate my fruit salad as she came running in to the kitchen.

"oh my gosh, i forgot to ask you, are you okay sleeping with justin? if not, i can give him a separate room, but i just figured that -" she said, running out of breath as i laughed.

"yes ken, it's fine. he gives good cuddles," i blushed, popping a grape in my mouth as she wiggled her eyebrows, stealing a grape from my bowl.

"go best friend, that's my best friend. you better get that dick honey," she said, as i slapped her arm.

"kendall!" i gasped.

she just laughed, and walked away, to continue showing justin around.


"you guys down to go out tonight?" kendall asked.

justin and i nodded. "hell yeah. first night in LA, let's party." justin chimed in, causing me to chuckle.

"i know that kylie is throwing one, and then i heard that khloe is throwing one too." she said.

"let's go to both," justin joked.

"okay," kendall said, pulling out her phone.

"i was kidding," he laughed.

"you're the one who said you wanted to party. so my friend, you're gonna experience two hollywood parties tonight." kendall said, as he grinned.


"damn, baby girl, you look beautiful," justin said, as i walked in to the family room where kendall and him were waiting for me.

"thank you babe," i said, pecking his lips.

"okay, goals, again." kendall chimed in as i laughed.

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