Chapter 26

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Madison's POV
"Hey, Madison. Madison!" Aaliyah shouted. I looked up at her and she had a concerned look on her face.
"You zoned out... Are you okay?" She asked. I quickly nodded my head and she continued.
"So do you want to meet Adam?" She asked me. I knew this would be hard on me but I agreed.
"I'll get him to come up here after we go to the little store downstairs", she said casually.
My eyes went wide and I jumped up,"There's a store here?!"
She chuckled and answered my question.
"There's alot of unusual privileges that we get because of Cameron and Shawn", she said and grabbed her bag.
"Here you'll need these", she said and threw me a pair of keys.
"To get into the rooms only permitted for us....", She stated when she saw how dumbstruck I was.
"I'll meet you there, I just need to FaceTime Cameron", I said in a hushed tone and she nodded before going on the elevator.
I got my phone out and saw that it has been a couple of hours. He's supposed to be in Vancouver so it's probably almost morning there. I decided to wait a couple minutes to see if he will remember that he was supposed to FaceTime me. After 10 minutes, I decided to get up and just go meet Aaliyah before she thinks I ditched her. Eventually he'll remember...
*It's now 4:00am*
I sat up and rubbed my eyes when my phone went off. I reached over and saw that Cameron was facetiming me so I answered it.
"Hey Mads, how are you baby girl?" He said while smiling. Why was it so dark there?
"Well I'm mad because you didn't FaceTime me like you promised... And now you woke me up so that's that", I said in a raspy voice.
"I'm sorry it's just I met someone amazi- never mind", he cut himself off. I started to smirk when I realized where this was going.
"You wanna finish that sentence for me?" I asked while sitting up. He shook his head and I continued.
"So when do I meet her?" I asked him.
"When I get her", he mumbled more to himself than me.
"How is it so far there? Are they giving you everything I said to give you? Are they nice? Do you need to leave? Want me to come? Here I'll schedule a flight for tomor-" He started to rant and I cut him off.
"Dad just stop, I'm fine so far and it's actually helping", I lied. He sighed and smiled at me.
"I miss you so much and can't believe you convinced me to leave while your in rehab", he said and looked down.
"You need to stop with your problems so I can come back and get your hug I was missing", he continued and looked at me sternly.
"I'm getting there", I sighed.
A girl with long brunette hair came out of nowhere and stole on of his headphones.
"What are you doing?" She mumbled and I started to laugh at how amusing this all was. Her face lit up when she looked at the screen and she started to talk to me.
"Are you thee Madison I have heard about?" She asked me. My face dropped and I nervously questioned her,"Uh oh, what have you heard about me?"
"I heard that you are this one's precious daughter", she said while pinching Cameron's cheeks. Okay...
"Are you thee girl I hear about?" I asked her with a smirk and Cameron blushed before getting up.
She took the phone and started to talk with me while he left to go do something.
"Would you care if we dated?" She asked me and I smiled.
"If you mess with him then I will screw up your life but, no not really", I said casually and her eyes went wide.
"So... You got any stories you want to tell me about him?" She asked and I thought about it.
"You'll eventually find this one out so why not", I answered before telling her how he got arrested while I was at school once. I think she walked downstairs because she was laughing really hard and sat down on a stool.
"What are you doing?" I heard Cam question her in the background. She didn't look up at him but still answered his question.
"Listening to the story of how you got arrested while Madison was at school because you were playing paint twister inside your apartment. I love your daughter, Cam... she's so funny", she said to him like I wasn't even there.

"I love her too", he said.
"I love me too", I jumped in and tried to make them remember I'm still here. I saw Cameron in the background with two plates and Katherine looked up.
"Mmmmm, let's talk again some other time but right now, food is calling my name", she said to me and we said bye to eachother. I chuckled at what just happened to me as I checked the time. It was 5:00 in the morning and I was awake... what is this sorcery? I was about to go back to sleep when I saw a missed phone call and text from Jack.
I just called to say goodnight and that I miss you Mads...
I smiled and quickly replied.
Goodnight J
I'm just waiting for something to screw up my life even more than it is.
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