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Wheels of Fate Begins to Turn

Long wait predicted by the NORNS

In a village of a god reborn

A tempest in making about to spawn

Turmoil in heaven and earth

As Chaos is rebirthed

Good and evil balanced

As entity Loki advanced

Key to awakening

As Fenris runs bashing

Revenge is at hand

As Iris Walks witht he Bond

There and easy to switch

As thief Lidia Filch

Impatient'n Vexed

as Skurai the Hexed

Players then are set in field

Break'n free from their fate sealed

Be on guard, advance your shield

Strike these weapons you wield

Pack your things make haste

Time is gold, don't you dare waste

Say your prayers, this be your last

God reborn ushers Ragnarok


This is one of my works... well this piece is dedicated to the work of one of my favorite MANHWA and later derived to an  MMORPG with the same title.

the first 16 lines are for the MANHWA and the rest of the line for the MMORPG.

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